6 Gorgeous and Easy Holiday Styles for Natural Hair


Wow, can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already? The end of 2013 is coming at a lightning pace, in a whirlwind of office parties, dinners, galas, formals, events, and good times with loved ones. When it’s time for important holiday gatherings, many naturals opt for popular styles like braidouts, twistouts, bantu knots, and some even break out the flat irons. Not feeling those options? Don’t worry – check out these 6 super simple styles that will turn heads at your next holiday get together.

Warning: gather up all the bobby pins you can find!

1. Knot for the Holidays

I’ll admit, when I first realized ChloeC was tying her hair in knots, I was a bit nervous. But as the tutorial progressed, I realized that this style poses no real threat to stretched natural hair. Grab a few bobby pins, and get tying for a sophisticated, pulled-back do.

2. Half French Roll Inspired Updo

Danaekelly creates a super cute updo, perfect for those looking to spice up an old twistout. All you need is a few bobby pins, a moisturizing product for light hold, and water! For a remixed and more sleek version of this style, check out Mstoot7’s tutorial:

3. Sideswept Holiday Style

Alicia James always has gorgeous hair styles, and this sideswept do definitely¬†doesn’t disappoint. Plus, there’s two ways to wear it. This style is perfect for longer or stretched hair. All you need is bobby pins!

4. The Retro Pinup

Angelique keeps it super simple and classy with this retro pinup inspired do. All you need is water, a scrunchie, and some bobby pins to complete the style. Topped off with an accessory, this style is perfect for turning an old tired bun into the life of the party!

5. Electric Lady Inspired Pompador

If you’re feeling a little Janelle Monet, let My Natural Sistas show you how to turn stretched hair into¬†a sleek and classy pompadour. Bobby pins galore, a dual-sided brush, and gel make this style possible. This style is also a great option for transitioners!

6. Twisted Updo

LHDC-TV’s simple twisted updo is gorgeous, and seems a lot more complicated than it actually is. With a few bobby pins and a scrunchie, you can have your own version of this simple style. You can add extra hair for dramatic effect, but the tutorial shows you how to get around that.

How will you be rocking your hair this holiday season?

For more from Christina check out her blog, The Mane Objective. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Christina Patrice

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and living in Los Angeles, Christina is BGLH's resident transitioning expert and product junkie. In addition to loving all things hair, she is a fitness novice and advocate of wearing sandals year-round. For more information on transitioning, natural hair, and her own hair journey, visit maneobjective.com. Or, if you like pictures follow Christina on Instagram @maneobjective.
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8 years ago

wow, these styles are really beautiful. thanks for sharing! i think i might be able to manage the pompadour and the flowery pinup but might have to wait for a few years before i can pull off the other three

8 years ago

i’m inspired by the knot and will be trying.

8 years ago

So many gorgeous ladies and hairstyles!

8 years ago

Love! Thanks for the inspiration x

8 years ago

Any styles for 4c that doesn’t lay down with just water and fingers and isn’t longer than neck length?

Joy Jackson
Joy Jackson
8 years ago

These are all beautiful styles. I’m a newbie to natural hair. I will be glad when my hair grows long enough to try these styles.

8 years ago
Reply to  Joy Jackson

I totally agree with you because I have a short afro and I am not sure what style to do for the holidays.

tmc (gta meet up, dec 14)
Reply to  Yvena

Hey ladies, though my hair is a bit longer now, but it’s 4c hair and all the styles are easy to do. you can check out the “mane styles” section on my blog

Youngin girl
Youngin girl
8 years ago

This does give me body party. There’s so many holiday styles to choose from. If anyone decides to wear this, they’ll be looking extra good on holiday end.


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