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Style: Blake in New York

• Sep 19, 2013
Introduce yourself!
B: Hi guys! I’m Blake. A 26-year-old, full-time law student and style blogger. I’ve been blogging for a little over 4 years now. I like puppies, ice cream and long walks on the beach. lol.

What is your style philosophy?
B: “Don’t try too hard.” I personally can always tell when a person is trying to hard to be “fashionable” or to put on a persona. I think it’s important to do what comes naturally to you. You can always revamp your style or incorporate new things into what you do, but I don’t think it’s necessary to try too hard to keep up with what everyone else is doing or to try and always steal the scene everywhere you go. Sometimes jeans, a cute top and an aura that radiates confidence is all you need to turn heads.

How would you describe your sense of style?
B: This question is always tough for me. I honestly don’t know how to describe it. I try to reflect my personality in the way that I dress. I’m girly but I hate to feel super feminine. I don’t like things like lace and frills. And the color pink makes me CRAZY! lol. I prefer pieces that have a feminine voice without the overdose of softness. I love to incorporate things like leather, metallics and studs/spikes into my wardrobe. And I’m almost always wearing a heavy dose of black.
What is your process of deciding what to wear in the morning?
B: I’m not really a morning person so the process usually happens with my eyes barely open while I’m still in bed or while I’m in the shower. I usually decide first what shoes I want to wear that day and then go from there. I just sort of mentally survey my closet and come up with a rough idea of what I want to wear. And once I finish all my other morning prep–makeup, packing my bag for class, etc.–I get dressed and then make last minute edits to what I had come up with in my head. It usually goes well. Although, some mornings I end up scrapping it all and starting from scratch.

What are the three favorite things in your closet?
B: 1. My black Brekelle sandal heels
2. My highwaisted distressed denim jeans
3. My khaki buttonless blazer from H&M

What are some of your favorite shops/websites for clothes, shoes and accessories?
B: Being a full-time law student means that I’ve gotten pretty good at finding things I love on a budget. I love sites like ASOS, NastyGal, and Bib+Tuck (a buy & trade site). For shoes, I shop almost exclusively at Shoedazzle. They always take such good care of me. I love coming home to the packages and handwritten letters from their team. I also really like Lola Shoetique.
How long have you been natural?
B: I stopped getting perms about 6 or 7 years ago. But I’ve only been truly natural for about 4 years.

How and why did you transition into natural hair?
B: I started trying to transition during my sophomore year of college. I initially wasn’t comfortable doing a big chop so I opted to wear sew-ins while I grew out the permed portions of my hair. After I graduated from college and after coming to terms with the poor condition of my hair, I decided a big chop was a must. (For the record, I’m not a fan of the slow transition…for many reasons.) But beyond the fact that transitioning proved to be more trouble than it was worth, I realized that my reason for wanting to transition slowly was because I was afraid of what other people would think. I was afraid of not fitting the “Long hair is pretty.” mold. I was afraid that I’d be dismissed and overlooked. Once I realized that and dealt with the “why” behind those feelings, I decided that not only was a big chop the right choice for me…it was the ONLY choice for me.
I hear a lot of women of color say that they are “not their hair” and I totally get where they are coming from with that message. But for me, it’s the exact opposite. I absolutely am my hair! My hair represents the very essence of who I am both as an individual and a member of the diaspora. It’s played a major role in my journey to self-acceptance. Prior to returning to natural, I felt that I was hiding behind things like weaves (I know that’s not the case for everyone, but it was for me) and I felt that people never really got to see ME. Underneath all the faux confidence was the deep seated fear that people wouldn’t like what was underneath. Now, I’ve sort of backed people into a corner and forced them to accept–or not accept. Their choice.–that what they see is exactly what they get. Now the confidence is real and it’s been amazing to see how people–men and women–have responded to that. That said, I can’t help but be (and love) my hair!

What is your signature hairstyle?
B: I’m pretty well known for my short–and now blonde–close cut. (4 years short, 1 year blonde). I get tagged in tons of pictures on IG of other girls with the same hairstyle. I think my followers see it and automatically think “Blake Von D!”

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
B: There sure is! I’m also on tumblr at

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Don’t try too hard.”

sorry but having having blond hair is trying hard.

having said that, she’s pretty and has a nice sense of style.

Poster Girl

And you are the exact opposite of “merry”, you are negative, a hater, and you should really figure out why you spew hate to someone you do not know as if you know them. She has a short cut, the epitome of not doing the most, so get your life!

Blake, I love your style! Do you girl 😉


oh girl please. i am not a hater.

i just found it ironic that she has blond hair and says you shouldn’t try hard to be stylish or whatever.


see, normally i don’t even read the copy. i have no idea what possessed me to look at it this time.

i said she had nice style and was pretty.


I believe in this case, the blond hair is just a fashion statement, nothing more. She can always switch up her look if she wants to.


Trying too hard would be if she had multi coloured hair. Just sayin =)

BeUtifully Human

Don’t try too hard” means don’t push to be something you are NOT. If it is in her to be FAB enough to not only have, but rock the heck out of blond hair, then so be it. Take a step from behind your gavel long enough to see the “awesomeness” in things and people. Sheesh…

For ME personally it wasnt the blonde hair while saying “dont try so hard” that was the turn off…it is just that “trying too hard” when it comes to fashion is so subjective. To me, if i saw someone walking down the street, especially in the middle of the day, with a t shirt and a sheer tutu, i would think “she is doing the most right now”- but to HER it just comes naturally. For her to say “i can just tell” is kind of condescending. On another note, she is a beautiful woman and i love the blonde… Read more »
Blake Von D
The tutu outfit was not an everyday outfit, but rather a shoot for the t-shirt that I’m wearing in the photo. A friend of mine designed the shirt and asked that I wear it in a shoot for her to place on her website. Also, it wasn’t my intention to be condescending when I said that I can tell, but rather my way of saying that when a person is doing something that isn’t natural to them (and we’ve all done it) I think MOST people can tell. But perhaps I could have conveyed that differently. But thanks so much… Read more »

That actually makes no sense.


having blond hair is not trying hard. maybe to you, but did you ever consider that maybe she just likes the color? wanted to try smtg new? i’ve had blond hair, and i didn’t dye it that way for attention, but rather because i just like the way the color looked on me. sometimes it’s just as simple as that.




Absolutely LOVE your sense of style. I usually try to stay away from black. But I am starting to reconsider. Love the blonde too.. my sister has been considering it..might show her this page


yaas guuurl! You are giving me so much life in those pics ! Lookin real nice! love your sense of style ! Ur thing sell off *pow*


She sounds like me…HATE pink, leather gives me life, when I do laundry I’m in awe of how many black outfits I have, I’m girly but hate to look super sweet and I’m gonna a lawyer too 🙂

I’m getting goosebumps going thru yr blog…Stunning!


Stunner.… I swear, NY must have some mega-chic chick secret factory or something! too much gorgeousness! lol

Amma Mama

I agree! New Yorkers have so much swag and the naturals there have crazy style! She is really pretty!

LOVES it <3


Brains and beauty, get it girl!! You’re fierce!

Blake Von D

Thanks so much guys for all the positive comments. <3

I loved how reading through your post I felt such a strong relation to your philosophies, even when my point of view slightly veers in some areas I still was able to respect that and see that I connected with. The telling when someone is trying too hard made me a little uneasy, but your right in that when it comes naturally, it simply radiates from a person, whether male or female. I love my hair but at the same time I would hope that if I lost it all tomorrow, I would be able to still know who I… Read more »

Off topic but… Do you have a fitness/workout regime, because your body is AAAHHH MAZING


such style! i’m lovin it


Love that you featured Blake! I follow her on IG and she is such a wonderful engaging personality. On top of that she’s gorgeous and has killer style. Awesome choice!!


I was too distracted by the perfect shape and long legs to notice much of anything else. LOL. This site never ceases to amaze me with the natural beauty that every day sisters (like myself) possess. We are truly beautiful women. Love your look, Sis!

Random Trini Chick

YOU ARE BREATHTAKING!!! Like wow Blake. Your name is uncommon, your beauty is uncommon, that hair style n color is amazing on you AND I am just under 6 feet tall and know long limbs when I see them!!! So how tall are you?!?


Ok, so some people were clearly offended or felt some sort of way, but luckily I wasn’t one of them! I love your style and want you to adopt me as your little sister and give me your hand-me-downs. Also, thank you for breaking the mold as to what a future Black female lawyer can look like. I love this interview; thank you for sharing!

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