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Style: Uzy in London

• Aug 22, 2013


Introduce yourself!
U: My name is Uzy! I am 18! I am a Nigerian but I reside in London. 

What is your style philosophy?
U: Dress like your going to see your arch enemy.

How would you describe your sense of style?
U: Individual and unpredictable.


What is your process of deciding what to wear in the morning?
U: I check the weather first! Then I usually pick out my shoes and the rest falls into place.

What are the three favorite things in your closet?
U: This is a hard question! I really cannot pin point my favourite items, I love too many to decide!

What are some of your favorite shops/websites for clothes, shoes and accessories?
U: My favourite for shoes has to be zara! They have great shoes which are reasonably priced, my favourite for clothes has to be vintage and charity shops because I find very unique items and I think it’s nice to have original clothes, I don’t like having clothes which everyone owns because I believe that reduces the amount of time in which you would be able to rock the items as they would eventually go out of trend!

How long have you been natural?
U: I have been natural for 1year and 7months now… I big chopped on December 27th 2011.

How and why did you transition into natural hair?
U: I didn’t transition, my decision to go natural was so sudden, My friend and I watched a naturallycandi video on YouTube and a couple days later we decided to take our weave out and chop our hair, I was too impatient to transition.

What is your signature hairstyle?
U: BOXBRAIDS!! I love them so much , I’ve had them in throughout my natural hair journey, they are a great protective hairstyle!
Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Catch me on Instagram @uzypaws
twitter @uzypaws
lookbook: @uzypaws
YouTube: uzypawprints

About Rinny

Texan by birth, Los Angeleno by situation. Lover of Tame Impala and Shoegaze music. Comedian by trade. Macaroni and Cheese connoisseur by appetite.

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Amma Mama
8 years ago

Great legs! She’s fly!

8 years ago

Love her tattoo Her shoes are so damn gorgeous, especially the chunky black boots.

8 years ago

HEY!!…hang on a minute…I KNOW you??!!! Wait…are you from Edmonton? I must seem like a stalker…but I used to see you at the bus stop all the time in the mornings.
If its not you I’m so sorry. But it must be…I won’t say what school you used to go to but it was red/burgundy uniform??
But anywhoo..your style is legit cool.
Kinda amazed!!

The Poster Girl_Shar
8 years ago

Love your style!! So cute!

8 years ago

Yay, fellow Londoner! Particularly love your main photo with the striped dress/shirt thingy (lol) — hot!

8 years ago

Love her philosophy! lol

Diva Steps
8 years ago

i love yor desings!!

8 years ago

Legs to die? (tick), great style? (tick), gorgeous hair (tick). Yes ma’am! 🙂

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