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3 Flexirod Styles that are Perfect for Summer

• May 29, 2013


As a professional DIY girl, I have pretty much tried every styling tool under the sun. One that I found pretty hard to master are flexirods. The results can vary from ‘perfect’ frizz free curls, curls with texture or loose waves. It all depends on your natural texture and whether your start with wet, dry or straightened ´hair. Here are some helpful tutorials.

1. Perfect Curls

The result here is really quite perfect. I believe the combination of setting on damp hair with a holding product and using small sections is vital to achieving the result. The size of the flexirod will determine the size of the curl and finally allowing hair to dry completely is necessary to stop frizz.

Products used in this tutorial:
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Murray’s Gel Loc Lock
Flexi Rods
Hooded Dryer
Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control

2. Textured Curls

In this video, the flexirods form curls but the natural texture of the hair is still retained. This is in part because the hair being set was not really as wet as in the ‘perfect curl’ video. More of the natural texture of the hair is retained as the rod is wrapped. Using fewer and larger rods lessens the amount of time spent to achieve the look but the compromise is a little more frizz and texture.

Products used in this tutorial:
Oil Mix: Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E
Shea Butter
Flexi Rods
Spray Bottle
Wide Tooth Comb, Medium Tooth Comb
Bobby Pins
Satin Scarf

3. The Volume and Waves Look

Products used in this tutorial:
Giovanni Direct Leave in
Wide Tooth Comb
Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
Conair Yellow Bird Blowdryer
Olive Oil
Flexi Rods
Satin Scarf

Starting out from blown out hair, flexi rods can give volume and a large wave-like curl. The dryness of the hair means that the blown out texture of the hair is retained.

Ladies, which of these looks do you like best? And do you plan to try flexi rods this summer?

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12 Comments on "3 Flexirod Styles that are Perfect for Summer"

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I love flexi rods! I actually have a flexi rod set curls in now! I used to do them myself when my hair was shorter,but it seems as my hair has gotten longer its harder for me to do LOL


I like the perfect curls style and the blow-out flexi rod style. I will definitely try these — once I get my ends trimmed. Thanks for posting. 😉




I’m always re-motivated to attempt flexirods. I will have to make an effort this summer. Thanks for sharing!


I thank you for showing us all how to have beautiful styles and protect our hair as well. I am going to try both of these and I love the body and shine in your hair.


I love flexirods but I hate how long I have to keep them in. I may give them another try soon.


Im 15 and I’ve been Natural all my life. I got my hair straightened way too many times last year and now I have inches of heat damage to deal with. I’m going to do flexi rod sets for the school year to grow out my damage by my natural roots end up fluffy when I do my set. I use a leave in CO, coconut oil and Ecostyler gel to do my set ..l…any tips to help tame my roots would be great I have pictures linked.


I am growing out damage, so the flexirods are frizzy when I use them due to the individual hairs springing out along the way as I twist. I suppose I could pull the hair more taught and use more gel, but I’m not with it. The look is beautiful on these ladies, however! Good for them! I think I’ll try curlformers next. I’ve got a whole lot of hair, so we’ll see how that goes!


I love the results of flexi-rod sets but I get a lot of hair left on the rods. I get more hair left on the yellow rods. I tried end papers but you have to basically wrap around the length of the rod or the length of the hair section which is kind of awkward.

Does anyone else experience this?

LM Jones

I did have a lot of hair on the rods at first, but I found part of that was the way I was rolling them, part the way I was taking them out, and a large part because I needed to trim my ends.

That’s probably not much help, is it? Sorry. Hope you’re able to find a solution.

LM Jones
Took a little patience, and a bit of practice, but I finally got this to work the way I wanted. My hair is about the same length as yours, but a different texture (soft — still curly; father had Indian in there somewhere). I started using a curl gel to set; made the biggest difference. I use no more than 12 (small ones — fewer if I use any large ones), and put more hair on each rod, still spiraling it along the flexirod. I set it damp and go to sleep with it (satin cap). It’s usually dry in… Read more »

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