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4 Winter Hair Mistakes to Avoid

• Feb 25, 2013


With an upcoming forecast of snow on-top of snow, it’s hard to break away from the bitter chill that winter brings. While staying warm and shoveling take top priority, some women may fall accustomed to putting beauty habits aside and making  some of the winter hair care mistakes below.  Here are 4 winter hair mistakes to avoid

Winter Hair Mistake #1: Over-Drying Your Hair

Switch to air drying your hair. Always use a heat protectant on hair, such as Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner prior to heat styling. And try protective, “heatless” styles.

Winter Hair Mistake #2: Forgetting to Bundle Up

Reach for a scarf, hat, or cap to provide a barrier between your hair and the elements

Winter Hair Mistake #3: Washing TOO Often

Try co-washing instead

Winter Hair Mistake #4:  Dry Scalp

It is very important to get rid of dry scalp. Dry scalp may lead to itchiness and infection. To prevent dry scalp one needs to moisturize the scalp, try Jane Carter Solution Scalp Nourishing Serum.

Ladies, how do you keep your hair from getting dry and damaged in the winter? 

*This article is courtesy of Jane Carter Solution!

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I don’t often see cold days; however, when there’s a chill in the air, I use a thicker shea-based hair butter to seal in moisture. When it’s not chilly, a liquid oil-based sealant will do.

kim sayles

thanks for the advice keep up the advice and message thank you very much.

Joy Yummy

i put my hair in extensions in the weather and cream my scalp every two days . Don’t want to get the scalp too greasy !!


My hair has been in my scarf/bonnet and a beenie since it got cold outside lol.…only on warm days (I live in GA) I may take it out but hardly.….


Muito boas dicas!
Abraço do Brasil!!


The girl in the main photo is beautiful


I am having serious split end problems this winter! Dusted my ends this weekend but I’m also seeing splits further up. I didn’t have this problem when my hair was shorter (top of brastrap length now). I’m going into protective styling mode — been reveling in my length and wearing it down way too much for the winter. Any other suggestions?


Yoco, your ends might be getting dried out. I was having severe issues with split ends recently, finding myself dusting several times a week. To combat this issue I’ve started moisturizing my ends thoroughly every day or two. No need to be shy with products. Since then I have only found a split end or two per week.


I’ve been dealing with this as well this winter. Thanks for the advice Alison, I will try that also.


Thanks Alison! Will definitely go into overdrive with the moisturizer, along with amping up my protective styling game


I live in Colorado and the winters here just suck moisture from my hair and skin like no other, le sigh. I stopped using shampoo (I have 4c hair so that was a great choice regardless), moisturize daily with oil and shea butter, spritz my scalp with rooibos tea, added fish oil to my daily supplement, drink 10 glasses of water each day, and keep my ends tucked most the time. I have happy, soft, moisturized hair most of the time now, yay!


I thought you weren’t supposed to leave the tea in past 30mins?any problems with leaving it in you long?


Hmmm I have never heard that, but I have no issues. In fact, rooibos tea keeps my scalp nice and healthy… my hair loves the nutrients! I do not spritz it on my ends tho, I just wrap my hair in 8 flexirods for the evening and spritz my scalp with the tea.




Does the phrase “This article is courtesy of Jane Carter Solution!” from the above article answer your question?


I only have one issue with this advice in this column…

If you are wearing a hat or scarf, it will not do you much good if it is wool. Wool will snag on your ends, same way wearing your hair down will. If you do wear a hat or beanie, hope you have a satin piece of cloth on there so your hair will not be losing moisture from the elements AND the material of the scarf. Hope that helps.


I use the Hair Mayonnaize once by week and I apply castor oil on my scalp and olive oil on my hair almost every day

Olivia J.

I wash my hair once a week, wash with Miss Jessie’s Sudsy shampoo and follow with a shea butter deep condition, and my hair loves it. I usually straighten it after (Air dry in large twists, then flat iron). This past week when I washed my hair, I was at a crunch for time so I just threw in a leave in conditioner and it wasn’t moisturized at all. So the coconut pre wash I do and shea butter condition are essentials.

Angelic Messanger

To protect my hair from the elements, I wear a silk-lined and velour cap for casual and a silk-lined tam for dress. It’s super cute! (Kudos to my mom who always bought us girls lined caps.)

Anyway, my morning winter routine when my hair is damp or wet is either use a satin scarf or plastic cap underneath my cap. I have a video. I’ll try to post to my website today. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Winter Hair Mistake #2: Forgetting to Bundle Up Reach for a scarf, hat, or cap to provide a barrier between your hair and the elements I took this too far wearing a scarf at all times. I also had a problem with dandruff and an ever decreasing hairline. We have very dry, cold winters here but I have to leave the headscarf at home now and brave the elements albeit with very well moisturised hair (I wear a cap only when it’s unbearably cold). Now the dandruff has gone and I’m hoping with the help of castor oil my hairline… Read more »
I’d like to add that putting a satin scarf on under your hat, if you wear wool hats in winter, is a hair saver. I’ve been wearing a protective style, a scarf, and a hat all winter and when I take the hat off indoors, my hair is smooth and shiny. No frizz, no dryness, and I retained more length. As for some of the companies that make hats with a satin lining, I have a couple of those and the lining came away after one winter. Other people may have had better experiences but that was mine. I paid… Read more »

Good Article!


[…] share some winter haircare tips. I thought this was appropriate given that summer is on it’s way out in our […]


I wash my hair with shampoo every other day regardless of the time of year and I never wear hats or scarves even in the snow. I use the same hair care routine year round.


I wear my 4B/4C hair down in a wash and go 100% of the time. I do chunky twists every night and seal the ends with either one of my favorite pomades, which is usually homemade, or avocado butter. I use satin cap for bed. Daily, I let the steam of the shower penetrate my hair in the morning followed by my favorite moisturzer (Oyin Hair Dew) and a little pomade to seal.
I have no problem with SSKs and very little split ends

okay so I just started my hair journey. My hair is just past my shoulders and since I have been home from overseas I have kept it up. I have four twists and pin them up and they stay that way until I feel my hair beginning to get dry. then I take them down and re moisturize them and put them back up off of the collar of my sweaters and everything else. I also started using the method of dipping my ends in oil before I take them apart to re moisturize them. I will see how this… Read more »
I have fine hair & baby fine nape issues. Last winter I got a Fingercomber wig & wore it from January to April & used Qhemet products & S Curl. I retired from teaching in June & can now do what I please with no rush,work or hair drama. Pampering is the rule ! This time I started in November because of recent cold snaps.Took my Fingercomber to a salon & had it cut down into the exact same big afro I wore in the 70s. Even took a 70s photo of me to guide the stylist. Looks just like… Read more »

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