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7 Oils You Haven’t Tried Yet

• Jan 28, 2013



Emu Oil

Emu oil is an all-natural oil obtained from the inedible parts of the emu, a flightless bird related to the ostrich. Aboriginal tribes in Australia have been taking advantage of the healing powers of emu oil for ages. Emu oil has an uncanny ability to cause cellular regeneration in the skin, making it excellent for burns and scars and even the effective reduction of wrinkles and the renewing of elasticity in the skin.

Because it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and rich in beneficial fatty acids, hair can also benefit greatly from regular use of emu oil treatments, and actually experience nearly three times its normal cellular activity. Emu oil can help hair appear livelier, healthier and be more resilient to environmental and hormonal stresses.

Since it is also anti-fungal and antibacterial, emu oil helps to break down buildup and residue at the scalp and roots, which can increase volume and manageability.  The moisturizing properties of the oil make it an ideal ingredient for conditioners.

Yarrow Oil

You can tell yarrow oil apart by its deep blue color. Add it to your shampoo and massage the scalp as it is known to regenerate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Argan Oil

Women in Morocco have been using argan oil for generations to achieve more youthful, healthy skin. It reduces inflammation and redness, improves hydration, and can even been used to treat scars and acne.

You can also use argan oil as a hair treatment for deep conditioning or as a pre-styling product-it restores shine to hair and helps mend split ends. It’s packed with twice as much Vitamin E as other oils so it’s also amazing for your nails and cuticles.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is a nut-based oil with many known uses from reducing inflammation and irritation to helping with hair and skin regeneration, making it a great topical treatment for acne, sunburns, and scarring. Use on thick, dry hair as a moisturizing treatment before or after shampooing. You’ll find that this oil is a little pricey because the Tamanu nut tree only grows in the Polynesian islands, so dilute it in a carrier oil like jojoba.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is rich in essential fatty acids that strengthen the hair and keep it moisturized, and the vitamin E it contains also conditions and moisturizes, while the proteins in avocado oil can fortify your hair.

Applying avocado oil directly into your hair not only keeps the hair strong and beautiful, it is also beneficial if you are experiencing dandruff or scalp psoriasis. Avocado oil acts as a natural sunscreen, and helps to protect your hair and scalp from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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Ladies, have you tried any of these oils? How did you like them?!

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21 Comments on "7 Oils You Haven’t Tried Yet"

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I love Emu oil I it is a little expensive but worth the benefits, I mix it with my castor oil and I put Avacdo oil in my shea butter mixture…I don’t use Argan oil as much as I do the others.


i have use the Emu oil before,its really nice. the argan oil is one of my fav. i use it on almost everything if i can 🙂 leaves ur skin feeling like butter especially after a shower:) plus its good for ur hair of course

Ugonna Wosu

Argan is already popular, and Avocado is well documented as one of the three oils that penetrate the hair shaft(along with Olive and Coconut oils). I heard of Emu. The other two are new to me, so thanks for introducing me to them.


Only tried the tamanu oil mix sold at GNC– my skin did not like it. It broke out in huge, painful bumps.

Would try emu oil if it were more affordable


You have to becareful with GNC products. Some of their products are not fully organic and if you don’t read the label properly you won’t be getting what you really want and need.I never use their products.


Went to Morocco and got some Argan straight from the source. It. Was. AWESOME. Works like a dream on both hair and skin, but you have to know where to get the good stuff, even in Morocco. Definitely plan to try the others soon!


I love avocado oil!! It’s heavier than coconut oil but worth a try.


The thought of squeezing the living daylights out of an emu for my hair’s sake put’s me off. I don’t mind squeezing the living daylights out of a nut though (may try tamanu oil if I can find it), and argan oil is already one of my staples. Happy hair.


Thank you all so much for this information. I look forward to using this in my hair care regimen.


I heard about a different oil called Mira hair oil. How effective is it or is it just a hoax? I’ve read nothing but good internet reviews, don’t know anyone who uses it

I like tamanu oil! I use it on my skin everyday and I love how soft it makes my skin feel! Also use it on my face. I originally got it for my hair but I also bought monoi de Tahiti oil and got a lot more of the monoi, so it made more sense to use the tamanu for. Body and the monoi for hair, since I use hair oil for so many purposes. LOVE the monoi! Would love to try the tamanu on my hair because I can see how great it works for my skin, but right… Read more »

The one I’ve tried is Arran oil. In addition to all its good benefits it has the most amazing smell! I love it.


So…is emu oil actually a dead emu? I’m a bit confused.


Heard abt emu oil last year but when I researched cost,I decided 2 pass. I spend enough on hair products already. I’ve tried Evoo&like it enough 2 keep it in stock 4 my weekly deep condish concoction but I think my hair loves avocado oil the most. Found a new condish at marshalls where the 1st five ingred include h2o, avocado,honey&olive oil& my hair seemed heavenly afterwards!



j’aimerais savoir ou trouver l’huile d’émeu svp


bonjour, j’aimerais savoir ou trouver l’huile d’émeu svp merci


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a great place to buy organic natural oils for a discounted price is you can Save $5 to $10 off already discounted prices- Use Coupon Code: JBV705 (No expiration) .…its worth checking it out I get my oils from here


I have the kinkiest nappy knotty 4b/c hair in the world and my hair looooooveeessss emu oil! Emu oil and water will literally revitalize a week old braid out…trust. It’s probably the most styling friendly oil of all listed here.

Cynthia Edwards

I just tried Avocado oil and love it. Im anxious to try others. GREAT article.

Sam Wilkins

I’ve never heard of Tamanu oil before. It’s really interesting how it can help with hair and skin regeneration. My niece gets really bad acne and often gets sunburns. We’ll have to see if using some oils can help.

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