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Caleisha // 4A/B Natural Hair Style Icon

• Dec 23, 2012

*Prepared for BGLH by Meosha Tall of 1MeNaturally


Introduce yourself!
My name is Caleisha and I’m most recently from Huntsville, Alabama.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I always had the desire in the back of my mind to stop perming my hair, but I guess I was too chicken to actually commit. I finally big chopped towards the end of my junior year of college after I’d been feeling like I really needed a change. It was probably the most “daring” thing I’ve done. I still remember watching all the hair fall and seeing that I only had about ¾ inches of hair left. I’m glad I did it; I feel like after getting rid of all that hair I had to be ‘more’ Caleisha. It was like there was nothing to hide behind anymore. I’ve been natural for…about 6 years. 4 years loc’d and 2 years loose.

How would you describe your texture?
It’s a mixture of 4B and 4C I think. The top and sides are more 4B and the back is definitely 4C. My hair is THICK with thick strands…very rarely can you actually see the curl pattern.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
I’m terrible at styling, so if you have tips I’d absolutely love them, lol. My styling regimen consists of simple protective styles (twists, plaits, and buns). I normally default to chunky twists because they’re easy and super low maintenance. (I think having locs for so long kinda spoiled me.) In the morning, I dampen the twists in the shower and let them soak up the steam. My daily oil right now is the Milk & Olive Oil 3-Layer Growth Oil which I put on my ends. When I’m not super busy, I’ll take down my twists after maybe a week and a half to detangle/retwist them. Occasionally, I’ll do twist-out afros and I love them, but they’re a bit too liberal for the conservative people I work with. *le’sigh* Every so often (like maybe every 2 months or so) I’ll get my hair pressed out and trimmed.


What does wash day look like for you?
Washing is an all day event, or a broken-up-over-a-few-days event. I generally wash once a month, unless my scalp gets angry then I’ll up it to every other week. Typically I’ll wash my hair with Cantu Cream Shampoo and sometimes if I feel like it’s particularly dirty I’ll wash it with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. I normally keep my hair in twists while washing, though I’ll occasionally take them out one at a time if I need to really get at my scalp. I condition with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. After letting the conditioner sit, I’ll rinse and shake my hair out (a habit from my loc days) and towel dry. Then I detangle each twist with either a wide tooth comb or a tangle teaser, and retwist, spritzing with a mix of water and Kinky Curly Knot Today. Normally I’ll oil my scalp with a homemade mix (tea tree, olive oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and coconut oil) and put shea butter on my ends. Recently I’ve started using a whipped shea butter I made with the same oils as above, plus some vitamin E and jojoba. So far my hair likes it. Lastly, I spray my roots and ends with Milk & Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner. When I’m done, I put on my bonnet because it’s likely some ungodly hour of the night.

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My go to “style” is a set of chunky twists, which I’ll put in a bun, or pull half up into a ponytail and leave the rest down. If I’m super lazy, I’ll pop on one of my crochet tams and call it a day.

How do you combat shrinkage?
Since I don’t wear my hair stretched out much, shrinkage isn’t really a problem.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
My scalp has a terrible tendency to get really dry and flaky. When this happens, I have to increase my washings and use an oil mix that is primarily tea tree oil.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
1- Use oils like Tea Tree and Coconut. 2- Keep it “watered.” Water is my hair’s best friend.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
1- NEVER wash it loose! I learned my lesson the first time I made that mistake…I was detangling for HOURS! Never again. 2- Don’t leave twists in for too long. My hair is prone to want to loc.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?

About Meosha

Just another lover of natural hair and expression. - Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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super cute! al represent!!! I’m from mobile and it’s not too often i see al women on here! beautiful hair and woman!


I like the simplicity of your routine. I also have 4c hair and find that chunky two strand twists are easier to maintain.


I thought that I was the only one. My hair too has a tendency to loc I have to do some kind of upkeep daily or I have a big problem on my hands.




Great hair!!

Sarah Grant

Yeeaaa Caleisha! I lost my mind the other night and decided to wash my hair “out”, not in twists, like I normally do.…..yup, I was detangling and SNIPPING off knots for 2 hours.…smh


I love your hair in the 3rd and 4th pictures. Your locs look lovely as well! I wish I could wear a fro’. I used to comb it out ALL of the time, but I used to get breakage all of the time too. Lol. So now I’m limiting the number of times I pick or blowout my hair 🙁

Amma Mama

Her twists are so nice and full.


Beautiful hair. I always enjoy seeingother people who have simple hair routines.


Yay for Alabama being represented. Tuscaloosa here! That picture in the very middle is so cute. I love the twists on her also. So full and thick!


Did you comb your locks out?


Yeah, I picked/combed them out using a dental pick and a comb. I saw a few vids on youtube showing a rattail comb being used, but the dental pick was easier and ripped at my hair much less. I had 180 mature locs and it took me about 5 weeks to do my whole head.


All of that hair!!! I love it!


Is it me or does thick hair or strand automatically equal 4 type texture?

As far as i know 4C was not part of the original typing system,correct me if i am wrong.

I consider my hair kinky textured but am so confused by how the 4 textures vary sooo much. If we are to use a system to identify hair shouldn’t it be more consistent? There must be a common denonimatorn to say that texture is 3C or 4a as opposed to just using pictures.

No malice intended jus a thought. 🙂 Nice hair by the way.

@ J, The system is flawed. 4b/c hair is often used by folks to say that their hair is “thick” aka super nappy. Some people like the system because it suppose to help you find products and routines. I use to think that it did help, but now I know it pretty much tells you nothing except that somebody’s hair is more or less nappy than mine. If the system is working for you great. I can no more follow a fellow 4b/c routine than she can follow mine because our preferences and criteria for great hair are different. I… Read more »
Sheree Usher

This is my home girl… I was able to watch her go through her transition.… I’m so proud of her .… I was able to learn a lot from her and her hair routines and concoctions. This year I’m making a vow to take better care of my natural hair… She is my inspiration! Love you Cali!

Didi Bowden

Huntsville, shout out! Lol I have a lot of respect for you and your natural hair because in truth, the people here are ridiculously conservative and natural hair is slowly making its way to acceptance around here. *applauds*


Oh jeez u guys n this article jus saved my hair! I hve a 4b n 4c texture also but hve no idea how to manage it at this length. Kept wondering why combing out was causin so much breakage. And my hair tends to loc easily also.Thought my hair was unhealthy. I c that her hair is coloured, i want to colour mine but scared.
Can u guys help with, which styles other than twist outs can i do at this length.


Nice, thick hair! You look great!

Youngin girl

You have the total package. Hi, Alabama!

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