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Celebs Who Took Their Baby Hair Too Far!

• Jul 20, 2012

I’m loving this HILARIOUS slideshow from of celebs who took their baby hair too far! Included on the list are familiar culprits like Ginuwine and Chilli of TLC. Click here for the full slideshow and tell us, have you ever gotten carried away with slicking down your baby hair?

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Annie L.

Like everybody else celebs must look back at some style eras and wince!

I have some old photos of me and friends with blue and platinum weaves, black-raisin lipstick and sky-high platforms that we swore were the ish back then! Now we just laugh and blame each other for not staging interventions and getting help earlier, LOOOOOOOOL!

Ginuwine and Chilli and Marques Houston :)))))))))))


imo, the baby hair thing is just another form of hair texture obsession — good hair, bad hair…


wow!!! People spent a lot of time with their toothbrush and gel back in the days lol. Missy Elliot just slayed me…as well as anyone inn this slideshow who purposefully cut their normal hair short to make it look like baby hair.
I’m sure we’ll look back in a few years and find some of oour most popular styles pretty ridiculous.


I somewhat agree with Merry, but I also think people might just want a slick look around the edges. For me, I let my baby hair run wild, no discipline what so ever- I guess that makes me a bad mom.


Hey now leave the baby hair alone! Lol 🙂 Some of us don’t have to make our baby hair lay down or stand out. Mine naturally does it which is so funny. I’m never purposefully or obsessively laying it down lol. What makes baby hair baby hair…it’s so different from the other hair. I was literally just talking about this today.

anne grey

My baby hair likes to lay down on its own too!!! I let it be. I hope no one thinks I purposefully do anything to it! lol


How did Tyra Banks not make that list? lol

Toya O

I kinda love Chili’s baby hair.…But that was a hilarious slideshow!


Add a new one to the list, Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex wife. “Hollywood Exes.”


I know right, even with a scarf on her head she still keep those edges laid down and… She reminds me of Wendy Robinson with some of the things that she says who plays Tasha Mack on ‘The Game’ on Bet.


+1, Her edges kill me!


Lol…I never got the baby hair obsession thing


I have a lot of baby hairs and little sideburns–it’s genetic, my mom and sister do too. I sometimes use gel, and other times I don’t. My baby hairs are fine and straight, so sometimes I use gel to push them back.


I once got complimented on baby hair by a girl and I was like, “what?”. I never knew baby hair was a thing till I looked at black blogs. Now I’m afraid that people think I comb it down lmao, it just lays down. I really didn’t know people did stuff with that hair.

Maggie A

I immediately thought of Chili before the photo even loaded lol!! I have no baby hairs to even slick back lol I’ll enjoy the slides.


I just brush it down a bit and go. The only time I use jell is if its just not laying down. I’m too busy being worried about the rest of my head.


This might be foreign to some, but, some peoples edges lay like naturally… just like some people have natural straight hair and with no relaxer. Though it might not ALWAYS be the case, it seems ridiculous to say someone took the way their baby hair grows out too far…

mariah b

I don’t see the big deal about the baby hair. I don’t think it looks bad when incorporated into a style (on purpose or without realization). I didn’t even kno it was associated with having “good hair or bad hair”! Chilli looks AWSOME and always has!


I personally think Chile’s hair looks good. Her natural texture is wavy and her edges reflect that.

Also why is Brandy even on this list?? It didn’t seem as if she did anything special with her edges. She just had them left out so they wouldn’t be snatched bald with the extensions.


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