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Naptural85 Shares Top 10 Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair

• Mar 28, 2012

For those you don’t want to watch the full video (although I definitely recommend it!) a summary list is below.

1. Daily Moisturizing
2. Trim When Necessary
3. Don’t Over Shampoo
4. Low Manipulation Styling
5. Protective Styling
6. Don’t do your hair when you’re anxious/stressed/angry
7. Be mindful of the accessories that you put in your hair
8. Avoid brushes and combs
9. You are what you eat (eat healthy food)
10. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Don’t obsess over having long hair.

These tips are really spot on. Ladies, what do you think?

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29 Comments on "Naptural85 Shares Top 10 Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair"

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LMAO @ “don’t do your hair when you’re angry!” Love it!


LoL, honestly I thought that was the most important one. To many nights I rushed through my hair because I was frustrated or super tired. Goodmorning breakage, goodnight length retention. It’s all good now though, I learned my lesson after the 5t time, ha.


Lol same with me too! Its like one night kills a good couple weeks of growth!


p.s. Do you HAVE to use water as a moisturizer? Is the shea butter not enough? I’m currently wearing a heat-modified style and moisture is a no-no.


wearing heat modified styles too often is definitely a no-no
1) because you can not give your hair adequate moisture
Water=moisture…shea butter is not water-based

2) Over usage of heat will eventually damage your hair. Heat is a hair stressor. Too much heat (high temperature) and too often will give you split ends, and it can denature the very protein bonds necessary to maintaining the strength of your strands.


Shea butter is actually an oil.
Frequent oil use + Frequent heat use = Really unhappy hair.


If you don’t want to use water, you can use a water based moisturizer like Cathy Howse’s Dew spray. I have used it when I had my hair blow dried and my hair did not revert.
Google her if you want to buy her products, it’s under:


How would you smooth your edges without a brush? I don’t use a comb very often but I use a brush for my edges.

African Violet

When I put my hair in a bun, I use my hands to smooth back the edges (plus whatever water, oil, cream, or gel that I’m using to aid in the smoothing), then I tie a scarf around my head until I’m ready to walk out of the door. Once I’ve removed the scarf, my edges are laid down.

I guess it all depends on how flat you want your edges, though. My edges aren’t super duper slicked down to the side of my head, but it doesn’t bother me that it’s not that slicked.


I second what the other person said. Shea butter or something similar in consistency mixed w/ water in the palm of your hands. Tie down with a satin scarf for 15–60 minutes.


I slather my edges in flax seed gel and tie my satin scarf . After 15 minutes (or overnight) my edges are “smoothed”.


her haaaiiiirrrr. i luv.


Thanks for the summary. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for the videos. She provided great tips.


Sounds like sound advice to me. I just love Naptura85’s hair, OMG, so thick!


Love her and love the advice as well. For me #2 = lesson learned!


She gives me serious hair envy!


I thought this was so helpful. Not just for newbies, sometimes we all fall off, she raised great points.

Denyse Walls

I really enjoyed watching this video. This has given me alot of inspiration on my hair journey.


I agree! I just love her, she’s amazing and positive and shares the cutest styles and healthy hair tips! Will remember!


Great advice!!!

I honestly don’t get the instant results with what you eat. “I eat something bad I see next morning” (in the hair) taking that less tan a millimetre of hair would actually be affected at the root, how could one see that in their whole hair? I think that statement is just one of those self project statements not what actually happening. I think, yes, an overall healthy diet will help hair growth, if one keeps it up at months a time but one day treating oneself really won’t make a difference. I can honestly see that affect you instantly… Read more »

If you eat something bad of course it is not going to show up in your hair the next day.
Our hair and nails are last in line for any nutrition. So if you spend your life eating crap there won’t be many nutrients getting to your hair and nails.
I know some people can eat crap all day every day and still look fabulous but that is the minority.


She was saying that she sees the results in her SKIN, not her hair. I think anyone to take her words and twist them into something they were never meant to be and then put her down for it is ridiculous. Please…take a step back before commenting. Look at things from all sides.


Thanks for posting the summary. I usually visit your site at work (during the week) where videos are blocked. And the only time I get on-line at home is on the weekends. This all seems like great advice. I’ll check out this video over the weekend.

Joan B. in S.C.

+1 to Kitty. I can’t get the videos at work either, so doing the summary was much appreciated. I’ll take a look at the vid once I get home tonight.


her hair has grown like crazy but she has done a really, really good job taking care of her hair over the past couple of years.

While I think that these tips are great, they sound a bit generic to me. When I first became natural(or started my healthy hair journey in general), this gave me a perception of one fits all. But once I reconditioned myself to learn MY hair, I realized that the things listed above(at least some of them), were not beneficial or needed for me to retain length. I have fine strands and moisturizing everyday caused more harm than good. So I think that the most important thing is to DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT FOR YOUR HAIR, so I would… Read more »

LUV her.
SHe’s fabulous!


Luv her hair. Does anyone wear their hair out (twist out) 90% of the time? Worried that this might not be good for me, but I love how it looks and I try to keep the ends mosturized.

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