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Cornrow & Cinnabun Updo

• Mar 24, 2012

By Nik of Beads, Braids and Beyond

My daughter has been asking for a mohawk for months so I decided to pull some inspiration from our Facebook page and give her a cute, girly mohawk updo. She absolutely loves it! I think it’s an adorable style for little girls, especially with cute Spring dresses. Jazz it up with a bow or hair pins and you’re good to go!

The style is actually very simple so I’ll try to keep the instructions short.

Miss A’s hair was previously moisturized and banded so her hair was already stretched out quite a bit. If you’re not into banding, you can completely skip this step. If you don’t know what banding is, please check out our Banding F.A.Q. post.

I began by parting the hair from ear to ear. I tied off the back so I could easily work with the top section. Using a metal rat tail comb, I made a slanted square. I tied off the middle section so I could cornrow the left and right sections. If you do not know how to cornrow, please check out ourCornrowing for Beginners post. Flat twists would look just as adorable. I didn’t want too much going on with this style so I kept the cornrows pretty basic. Just going straight up the sides.

After cornrowing both sides, I untied the top middle section and parted medium sections of hair with my fingers. I grabbed a black ouchless band and loosely tied off about 8 sections. I two strand twisted each section and left them overnight. I untied the back of her hair and did the same thing. I knew she didn’t need cornrows in the back because her hair is so thick so the little cinnabuns would have covered them.

The next morning  I removed the two strand twists, leaving the ouchless ponytail holders in. I gathered each section and wrapped it around each ponytail holder. I used a bobby pin to secure each little bun. I tried to make the buns kind of loose. I wanted a really full updo.

As for products, I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to moisturize and Bee Mine Curly Butter to style. We still have a reader discount code, good through the end of March. The code is BBBJAN for

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18 Comments on "Cornrow & Cinnabun Updo"

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This is GOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS! And I think it would make a great wedding style for a natural bridesmaid, too! (I might have to cop this for my friend’s wedding in a few months.) Thanks for posting.


I agree 1000% ! 😀


co-sign!! this is beautiful


That’s what I thought it was when I first saw it. I like it :-)!


my sister is using this style in her wedding for daughter. i love love love it


was thinking the same thing my flower girls must have this style


Super cute! I would wear this on my adult head!

Beauty Is Diverse

Lovely hairstyle.

Katherine G

Love this style!!


this is mad cute. i MUST. TRY. IT!!!!


this is lovely!


I have a confession to make I go to her site for hair inspiration. I don’t know I just find most site don’t experiment enough. I think it part of the reason why I am still on BGLH is because the style icons images and so helpful articles, otherwise the argument instigators such as, 5 Natural “Disqualifiers”: Are They Legitimate?, would have already scared me off this site.


what a beautiful style!


This is gorgeous!!!!! So cute! But, is it just me or is the dress a little too mature for this precious doll? Something about the straps and the heart-shaped outline around the chest is a bit much for me, but i love love love this style!

Just my opinion, but you did ask if it was just you. If previous outfits are any indication, Nik is careful of her daughter’s modesty, and that trend will continue when little Miss is twice her current age. I can envision a similar style on Li’l Miss a few years from now with no more of a coverage issue than there currently is, which is to say none. At an older age, the child could rock a bolero over the dress. The only reason she’d need it now—at the current age, it would probably be a cardigan, although she could… Read more »

This is amazing!


This is too cute! I love it!


That is so beautiful I can barely stand it. Well done! Well done!

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