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Monique // Natural Hair Bride

• Feb 20, 2012

When did you and your husband meet?
My husband and I met in Brooklyn in the summer of 2003. We were friends for two years and would see each other whenever our mutual friends got together. As fate would have it in the summer of 05′ we bumped into each other and reconnected.

When did you get married?
We got married at Squam Lake in New Hampshire. I was born in NYC and spent my summers away at summer camp. As soon as Josh proposed I envisioned myself getting married in a natural setting. After attending a friend’s wedding at a camp I knew this would be the perfect fit for me. We got married on 6.11.11. The family camp, Rockywold Deephaven Camps where we got married allows for just three weddings a year. One in June and two in September. The other dates were already taken so we took the only one that was available.

How was your big day?
I was not one of those girls who dreamed of what their wedding day would be like. My sister called me the opposite of a bridezilla. She said my husband Josh was much pushier about things then I was. Our wedding took place over four days. We had our rehearsal dinner at an Italian restaurant and this was just family and close friends. It was the perfect way to start off the festivities. The following day was filled with our friends helping us decorate and complete little DIY projects we needed help with. That evening we had a welcome party. The majority of the guests who would be attending our wedding were there. We roasted a whole pig (a pastured pig and lived a good life freely roaming around a local New Hampshire farm) and had delicious pulled pork sandwiches. Later that night we had a bonfire and our friends went around telling stories about us.

In the middle of the night I was awakened by thunder. It rained and poured most of the night, this mentally prepared me for what my wedding day would be like. It was crazy because just the day before we enjoyed a sunny outdoor picnic. I even swam in the lake with my friends. At breakfast the morning of my wedding many people came up to me and said, don’t worry the rain will clear up. I knew it wouldn’t. My wedding planner had to come up with another solution. We couldn’t risk people getting soaked in the rain. She decided that the porch would be the best solution so that’s what we did. We said our vows on the porch and we were married by my aunt who had flown in from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I think I really processed the wedding on the fourth day. On Sunday, when everyone had left and I was just sitting in my cabin a rush of tears kept flowing. I was overwhelmed by the promise that I made to my husband, having my friends and family there to bear witness made it that much more powerful. I was overwhelmed with all the good intention we were given. A few months later when we got our photos it was then that I realized how incredibly romantic the fog and rain was.

How did you wear your hair?
I wore my hair in a low bun with a swooped bang. My bun consisted of tiny buns which made one big bun. We put white beads in it for contrast.

My cousin who lives in Haiti was assigned the job of doing my hair. I told her I definitely wanted a swoop since I had a birdcage veil and she pretty much came up with the rest. I saw some images of women with dread locks putting beads in their hair so I I knew I wanted some of those in there too. She pretty much just did my hair on the spot and that was it. We didn’t practice beforehand but it worked out.

I had my loctician twist my hair a few days before the wedding. I purposely wore my hair down the days leading up to the wedding so I would look differently on my wedding day. I left the process of styling my hair to my cousin. I trusted that she would do a good job.

How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding?
I think everyone responded well to my hair. While I often wear a bun, pretty much everyday. I don’t normally have a swoop and I think they all liked it. The bun my cousin created was so beautiful because she took like 2–4 locks and made tiny little buns with them the bun looked so full and people commented on how detailed it looked. My husband loved my hair. He’s seen it in so many different states and this certainly was the best my hair ever looked.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me at Tipa Tipa. All photos were taken by my Our Labor of Love Photography

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What a beautiful couple, and the hairstyle came out so pretty. On pic #8 with the bridal party, there’s alot of good looking people in that group. Especially the guy with the red beard and the one with the glasses on, so yummy. But anyway I need to get back on the subject :). Congrats on getting married and sharing the pics with us, gotta love i/r yes we are on the rise.


How beautiful!

Vonnie (socialitedreams)

gorgeous couple! so pretty, LOVE the hair! it’s a great style…very feminine and lovely wedding party. I adore the bouquets


What a beautiful setting! And the bride and groom are a lovely couple!




The four days just sounded so amazing. Lovely photos


your hair turned out beautiful, what a lovely location for a wedding


I love the setting. It’s so beautiful.


I love the dress!!!! omg its so lovely on her!!!




Lovely! Congrats!


GORGEOUS wedding dress. Simple but very beautiful and classy.


Thanks Leila for featuring me. I really love how supportive and informative this forum is. Thanks for your lovely comments as well.


Awwwww! Lovely couple, beautiful wedding party, & gorgeous hair. Everything looks amazing. Blessings to your union.


Gorgeous Couple!!!! I love everything about it … the hair, the dress, the bridesmaids’ hair, everything! Congrats on your union! 🙂

African Violet

What a great looking couple with a gorgeous wedding party to match! Congrats to the lovely newlyweds!


Congratulations! The setting, theme and photos are amazing! The two of you are so lovely and seem so happy together, much happiness in your future!


Lovely photos and what a beautiful wedding party! Your father is so regal-looking.




awwwww…so beautiful! Love is such a beautiful thing man!


I love the wedding, it’s so beautiful!


Your hair is beautiful. I am going to try that style. Congratulations on your wedding. Thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding.


Beautiful–everything about the wedding is beautiful. I’m completely in love with your veil and dress, Monique! Congratulations.


In my opinion “less fuss” hairstyles is ideal for a hectic day such as a wedding…The photos came out lovely! Not to mention my joy in seeing a Black woman living well and getting the love she deserves!


Beautiful wedding, beautiful family! Congrats and thanks for sharing!


monique and josh make the perfect couple. beautiful wedding sooooo romantic.


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