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10 More Natural & Organic Product Lines

• Feb 7, 2012

By Fran of

Here is a second set of healthy, natural and organic hair brands to check out! I made sure to include some more easily accessible and affordable options. Keep in mind that not all of these are 100% natural or organic. I made sure to specify which brands are. The ones that aren’t labeled as such are still on this list because they carry a significant amount of healthy, eco-friendly ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

1. Qhemet Biologics
Ingredients: All natural and ayurvedic ingredients ranging from Amla & Olive to Honeybush Tea and Castor Oil.
Products: This line carries hair care products that can be purchased at and
Price Point: The average price of each product is $14.00

2. Karen’s Body Beautiful
Ingredients: All natural ingredients ranging from Shikakai herbs and Rosemary to Nettle and Arnica. Customized scents available for products.
Products: This line carries hair, body and bath products that can be purchased at
Price Point: The average price of each product is $16.00

3. Renpure Organics
Ingredients: Natural and organic ingredients ranging from Coconut oil and Shea Butter to Argan oil and Ginger.
Products: This line carries hair care products that can be purchased at, Walgreens, CVS, Duane Reade and Rite Aid.
Price Point: The average price of each product is $7.00

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About Fran

I'm a natural hair, nutrition and fitness blogger from New York City. Battling a kidney related illness that doctors couldn't seem to fix, I became obsessed with alternative medicine. After months of researching and finally curing myself, it became quite evident that healthy resources in our urban communities were lacking. I began my health & wellness tumblr in Dec of 2010 as somewhat of a journal, hoping to shed some light on my journey to health as well as our disconnection with healthy living. It's been my goal to create a safe haven where our wellness concerns could be shared and hopefully cured, as naturally as possible.

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Jane Carter is also available at Vitamin Shoppe


I LOVE QHEMET so far the ONLY thing to tame my mane only thing is they STAY out of stock .… does anyone know anything that works similar???


Because of my impatient and cheapanista ways I refuse to order products online because of the high shipping cost and the long wait. I buy all my products from Whole foods- Jane carter Solutions and Aubrey Organics, Target- Shea Moisture, Giovanni’s and Burt’s Bees, Walgreens- Shea Moisture and Ecco Styler gel.


Lol! I’m with you on that. I will say this though when you purchase from VitaminShoppe online you can get a better deal than what they have in the store. Aubrey Organics $8.99, 32oz Aloe Vera juice for $5, Bentonite Clay $5.99. They’re the only ones I will purchase online from.


What about people do don’t live in america? I’ve checked out the majority of these “well priced products” and they are well priced for people who live in america. Why should international people have to pay $30 for something that is like 8oz and $10 for americans. I don’t have the luxury of heading to cvs,walgreens, the vitamin shoppe ect. Can you please put some sort of international cheapy products list together.


It’s not just the cost of postage that puts me off buying US based products, any item over £15.00 attracts tax at 20% plus the UK Royal Mail charge £8.00 as a “handling fee” complete crooks. I’d rather do without and support UK naturals products.
Faith in Nature are 100% natural and do a fantastic range of shampoos and conditioners they are sold in Wholefoods but are cheaper on the internet. Try them out.


I don’t use natural or organic products exclusively, I just use whatever works for me…but I do love and swear by Qhemet’s heavy cream. Love that stuff!


I like Afroveda, are their products natural and organic?


I love Oyin Handmade!

Adrienne Young

I LOVE Natty Moist products! It is a versatile product that smells heavenly and gives me the most definition and shine with two-strand twists:


UK Options:

British Curlies few of these lines, so might be cheaper for European Naturals. Aveda is available here, and I’ve seen Qhemets Biologics in Adornment, South London.

Others I’ve seen around include

Green People (health food shops)
Aubrey Organics, which I’ve seen in small health food shops in London.
Australian Organics
Burts Bees


Mariposa Import in the Netherlands also carries Qhemet.


I want to try Qhemet so badly; in Germany also carries Aubrey Organics and Kinky Curly. They just started out though so they only have 4 lines I think, including Jessicurl- not sure if that’s organic. International shipping costs are insane, I always do a haul when I visit the states and hope customs doesn’t stop me on my way back in cos I ain’t declaring jack,lol.


why is qhemet biologics closed right now? stores and being stocked but the online store is closed.

does the owner have difficulties producing the products?

anyway, the amla and olive heavy cream is probably one of the best products i’ve used. it’s one of the products i’ve returned to after losing my way…lol.


If you live in Raleigh, NC and can get to the Walgreens across from the Wal-Mart at New Bern Ave. & New Hope Rd., I saw—I think I saw—a couple of Qhemets products there the last two times I went, and one of those trips was within the last 2–3 weeks. Also, I regularly see Jane Carter and Kinky-Curly at the Whole Foods at Wade Ave. & Ridge Rd.


bglh marketplace introduced me to curls & oyin and i looooooooooove them both.

k murray

I use ONLY all natural products! They are sometimes hard to find and I have been known to completely read ingredients on bottles in stores. If there is no product listing online, I will not buy. My hair is doing really well with all natural products. Some of the products are pricey and some are reasonable. Currently, I am using Just Natural Organic Hair Care shampoo and conditioner. And sometimes, I alternate with Jean’s Green products. Your 4B-C hair will love you for it!


I prefer to use all natural products. However, when I am doing a quick co-wash, Vo5(tea therapy) is my choice.

Yeah reminded me of aa0conadferadence Ia0went to were they teetsd homeoadpathic remadedies vs antiadbiadotics for mastaditis (infecadtion of udder). Research done by New Zeaadladands leading cow researches. The figure Ia0remember was that homeoadpathic remedy(s) proadduced aa044% cure rate. [the antiadbiadotic rate was higher about 60?–?70% but exact level Ia0forget).I asked the quesadtion: What is the normal self cure rate for mastaditis when left untreated? The answer.…. about 40%. Sudaddenly aa0product that was looking ok, turned into someadthing that was comadpletely useless.However Ia0would point out the quesadtions that were asked of NYR you could ask of traaddiadtional western mediadcine.…. only about… Read more »

I make my own hair products apart from my rinse out conditioner, that way I can tailor products to my hair and save money, that makes me and my hair very happy.


My hair LOVES Qhemet! I don’t mind ordering online b/c I usually catch a sale!

How does Jane Carter compare to Qhemet? I’m just wondering but I don’t think I’d ever leave Qhemet especially b/c it’s BLACK owned! 🙂


Alot of these product can also be found in RICKYS!!!


Afroveda & Qhemet 4life baby!!

and like Ogo mentioned especially bc its Black owned. Gotta support your people 🙂

Hi, I’m from London,UK and would just like to echo the above. If you can and you are serious about using organic products, go to your local health food shop or a large whole foods, if you can. I went there, spent a couple of hours reading labels and then taking away lots of free samples. I then went home, read, contacted the companies, found to my horror that most of them for whatever reason did not test their products on black hair and of course, the net.It will be alot of trial and error. But try not to worry… Read more »

I recently saw an ad for As I Am natural products. Has anyone used this product line and if so what is your opinion?


I hear As I Am products do not work well. I was told that today because I am looking for a good moisturizer because I want to dye my hair this spring.


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Organic Beauty

Great list, im hoping that organic products for natural hair become more popular. I still prefer to use natural oils and pure water.

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