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12 Tips for Maintaining a Natural Textured Weave

• Jan 2, 2012

5. Glue vs Thread

I would never recommend glue to anchor down your weft. Let me stress this again, I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND GLUE TO ANCHOR DOWN YOUR WEFT. Glue should never be an option to hold the track to your natural hair unless you are not concerned with hair loss or permanent traction alopecia.

6. Proper Combing Technique

Even though the hair is not growing from your scalp you still want to use proper combing techniques when combing your weave. Start from the ends and work your way to the root of the track. This will add longevity and decrease the amount of shedding of the weave due to stress.

7. Free & Loose

Another advantage to wearing weaves is styling your hair free and loose without concern for protecting your ends. When styling your weaved hair in updos, braids, twists and ponytails pay attention to the amount of stress your style creates. Too much force or action when creating a style can cause unnecessary stress to the track which will pull at the roots of your natural hair which could lead to hair loss. Opt for looser weaved updos and styles that do not create stress to the track.

8. Product Usage

Weaves need love to! Do not cop out on your favorite products while wearing a weave. Especially with human hair which is still susceptible to dryness.

9. Vinegar, Tea Tree and Grapefruit Seed Oil

The lack of air circulation while wearing a weave creates a moist environment which is susceptible to become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Vinegar, tea tree or grapefruit seed oil are natural mold killing agents. The application of these oils on your scalp while wearing a weave can reduce or deter molding issues. Vinegar oil may have a very offensive or foul smell but undiluted it can kill mold in a few hours.

10. Choose a Curl Pattern Closest to your Texture

This applies only if you are wearing the crown of your natural hair out or extensions. If you choose a weave closest to your hair pattern you won’t have to straighten it to match a texture.

11. Wrap it Up

Wearing a weave does allow you the option to sleep without a satin pillowcase or scarf but from personal experience I would recommend that you continue to do it. Satin pillowcases and scarfs can add longevity to your weave (and bank account).

12. Set a Time Limit or Give the Weave a Break

If you are planning to rock your hair au natural or just care for the health of your hair give the weave a break! The weave is not the All Mighty, it can only do so much and constant weaving despite taking all the necessary precautions still adds stress to your hair, which means years down the line you could be dealing with some sort of hair loss. Wigs are a great option to rid the stress that weaves create.

Overall I have experienced the worse and the best results while wearing a weave. Like anything in life it is what you make it. A weave can produce results that are beneficial to your natural hair as long as you take the precautionary steps.

Ladies, have you ever weaved as a protective style? What was your experience?

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9 years ago

yup did this closer to the end of my transition. it was big curly and I loved it.

Adrienne Michelle
Adrienne Michelle
9 years ago
Reply to  tenisha

What kind of hair did you use? I’m so interested in trying this and I love big hair. I ahd big hair… then I cut it all off. I want to grow it back now, but I want to protect it and have some fun too.

9 years ago

I used kinky curly weaves when I was transitioning as a protective style (I also used straight weaves when I first started transitioning until I cut off my straight ends). I used one that matched my curl pattern the most and no one knew it was a weave. My ends were protected and I hair grew A LOT. I would recommend getting a higher quality weave that lasts (I used Bohyme Brazilian Wave, for various reasons), make sure it matches your hair, taking care of your own hair underneath, and taking care of the actual weave. Voila.

9 years ago

I just purchased a half wig that looks almost exactly like my natural hair. People have asked me what products/techniques I use to create the style and when I tell them it’s a wig, they can’t believe it! I think having a wig is more cost effective and sanitary than a wearing a wig, but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

9 years ago
Reply to  RoyalBlue

*more cost effective than wearing a weave

filmy porno
9 years ago

At last, something nice and clear. I’ll check back here often many times. Yours

Ashley Turns
3 years ago

Thanks for letting us know that if you have synthetic hair, you don’t want to use any sort of heat on it. My friend is planning on getting a full weave soon and is wondering how she should take care of it. I’ll be sure to tell her that if her full weave has anything but 100% human hair, she should make sure not to use any heat on it.

3 years ago

It’s good to know how to take care of a hair weave. My wife is looking at getting one because she wants more volume to her hair. I’ll tell her that she’ll want to find a stylist who knows what they’re doing, even if it takes some research!

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