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Ms-gg // Natural Hair Style Icon

• Dec 4, 2011

*Prepared for BGLH by Meosha Tall of 1MeNaturally

Introduce yourself!
Hey everyone! My name is Ms-gg, owner of I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I juggle between being a full-time student and a natural hair blogger/vlogger.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I simply liked the way it looked. Back in 2005 I saw this girl with an AMAZING puff and I wanted it so bad! That year I transitioned for 6 months, but relapsed.

When and how did you transition into natural hair?
In 2006 I tried to transition again after a bad color job that left my hair extremely weak and damaged. I became natural in September 2006. I mainly wore braid extensions and kinky twists during my 6 month transition. I also wore half wigs, and my real hair in a rod set. I remember back then I use to complain about the one hour it took to rod and dry my hair. If only I knew what I know now! I also forced myself to big chop by slowly cutting away my relaxed hair. Right before my big chop, I didn’t even have enough hair to put in a ponytail. My only choice was to either big chop or relax.

In what ways (if any) has going natural affected you?
I am more confident. I don’t need anyone to validate how I should feel about myself. Everyone has an opinion and I take them with a grain of salt.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is really, REALLY coarse and strong. It is also extremely dense. If I had to type my hair, it would be in the type four category. My hair doesn’t respond well to any topical proteins and it loves humectant-based products. My hair responds best to glycerin, water, and aloe juice.

What is your regimen?
My regimen is quite simple:
Prepoo hair with an oil (usually coconut, sweet almond or grapeseed oil). Wash with a generic sulfate free shampoo and condition hair for 20 minutes using Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. Moisturize hair and put in a protective style. Wear it for 2–3 weeks and Repeat!

How do you retain length and moisture in your hair?
The number one thing that is important for anyone who wants to retain length is to know your hair. Know what ingredients your hair responds best to, what hairstyles cause the least amount of damage to your hair, and the proper way to handle your hair. I don’t use seamed combs, I don’t trim my hair on a “set schedule,” and I don’t wear my hair “out” for extended periods of time.

I usually use glycerin based products for moisture. My favorite for the past five years has been the Worlds of Curls Curl Activator Gel. It does a great job of moisturizing and adding impeccable shine. I use this product year round. In the winter I use Hairvèda’s Whipped Crème leave-in conditioner. I also mix up a blend of aloe juice, vegetable glycerin, castor oil, and sweet almond oil for a spritz.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
Jumping on bandwagons was a big mistake for me. It is so easy as a new natural or as a natural who is desperate for length to want to try the “next best thing” because so and so had great results. I have had so many setbacks as a result of them and now I just stick with what works for me. All naturals need to be careful about experimenting with new products, hair tools, and techniques. It doesn’t take much to damage hair.

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
Leave it alone! The less you do to your hair, the better off it is. As long as you are breathing and relatively healthy, your hair will grow. Retaining length is usually the biggest problem and manipulating it entirely too much can cause breakage. Just leave your hair alone and you will have the long hair that you dream of sooner than you think.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find my blog at and my YouTube channel at

Anything else you want to add?
Thank you for the interview!

About Meosha

Just another lover of natural hair and expression. - Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Ce Ce

Your hair is AWESOME! Your insight is on target. I couldn’t have said it better myself. When I first went natural I tried to use someone else’s regimen until I realized what worked best for my hair. Oh, you just speak the truth. LOL… Great interview!


I also live in Richmond! #represent!
I’ve been natural for about 10 years now. Your twists are gorgeous. I wish I could get mine to look that way, but my hair is finer and coily-er.


*waves at Msgg* I see you girl!


[…] […]


she cracks me her and her LUSHHHH hair..


Love, love, love her hair! Fan-tab-u-lous!


YAY ms-gg! Long overdue! *waving*


Gorgeous all thw way!!

Alta Angel

I see you too Ms-gg! You and your hair are fabulous!

Lacoya S. (thesupercoya)

*waves* Hey Ms-GG! Fabulous!


I follow her on yt and her blog. Her hair is SICK! Great interview!

Amma Mama

She’s beautiful.
I love her hair and blog!


Fro-Stoppa!!! Love. 8-D




GG!!! I used to stalk her Fotki page when I was a new natural. I even remember when she BC’d again. Glad to know where I can find her. I love her hair! She has the best twist outs!!

dear miss-gg, am so glad to have come across you on facebook. am a new person to this virgin hair growth and i really need inspirations(if possible daily). i have a cousin that first got me into growing my hair, hers is up to 5yrs old now, but she is in the UK and most times can’t get to me when i have problem. pls miss-gg, my hair is a yr and 7mths now but somehow it keeps on cutting. i have very soft hair(and scalp too), i use mostly products from organics, but reading ur blog and seeing ur… Read more »

Hey Miss-GG *waves*


Thanks everyone for your kind words! I really appreciate it 3 What up to my natural hair fam above?!!! I see you and thanks for the love! Luh you 3


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Her tip of leaving her hair alone confuses me. Leave it alone meaning not to touch it, not to detangle it, not style it? Please explain

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