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3 Steps for Testing New Products & Routines

• Oct 4, 2011

By Jc of The Natural Haven

Some products will be wonderful from the first time you use them while others will be underwhelming. This is also very true for procedures (sectioning, mild heat, no heat etc) which can sometimes give you great results and other times give you trouble.

If you are being very scientific, in order for you to begin to consider that something works, you have to repeat it at least 3 times in the same way and it should yield the same or similar results each time.

Here is my guide to getting products or techniques to work for you

Step 1: Check 
We are all guilty of skipping a few instruction steps. We have limited time or  the instruction seems overly detailed so we skip a few seconds through the video or gloss over the page. I would always go back to the start and recheck the instructions or make sure the product I bought is actually the same one advertised. If possible ask the person to clarify any procedural details.

Step 2: Tweak
Once you have checked the instructions, you have to try the method or product again. If you still do not get a good result, it is time to consider fixing the instruction or product to suit your hair. This means discard the instructions and try to get a good result by following your own method that would normally yield good results.  For example if a conditioner recommends use before shampooing and you find that you normally like it after, then try that instead.  Or if someone recommends a lower/higher temperature than you would normally use, then go back to what is normal for you.

Step 3: Chuck 
You need to listen to your own hair! Once you have tweaked the instructions or product, the next thing you have to do is try it three separate times without any further tweaks.  If you have tried it at least three times without good results, it is unlikely that this will change. Just consign that product or method to the bin. It simply is not suited to your hair and your hair will happily continue its rebellion until you go back to what it likes.

What principles do you use when testing new products and routines?
For more of Jc’s writings check out The Natural Haven.

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10 years ago

Thanks for the info, good to keep in mind.
I would add that instead of throwing the product in the bin, I’d give / swop with a friend 🙂
Now!!!!!.….….…. lol
I would really REALLY!!!! love to know where to get that scarf the model is wearing 😀 thanx <3

10 years ago

Good information. I try to swap, sell, or find other uses for it (shampoo as body wash, hair butter/moisturizer as body lotion) or keep using it on my hair and praying to the hair gods.

10 years ago

I have had inconsistent results with products and I have found using a clarifying shampoo before starting with a new product or regiment helps.

10 years ago

When a shampoo is not up to par, I use it as a hand soap or make-up brush cleaner. If the conditioner does not provide me with ultimate results, whether I do a wash ‘n’ go or a twist out, I use it as a shaving cream or give it away to someone who is willing to try it out. I try not to throw my money away, if I can find a new way to use the specific product.

10 years ago

I agree but not all failures should go straight to the bin. KC Knot Today isn’t heavy enough for me as a leave in but when my water glycerin oil mix started getting icky and I didn’t have time to sanitize the bottle and buy distilled water I sprinkled my hair with water and lightly applied Knot Today to my shrunken ‘fro — full success. Also, Cantu Leave-In was a fail but I was able to use it up as a pre-poo. So bin or swap if you hair hates it, but consider other applications — especially since hair needs… Read more »

10 years ago

This reminds me of the SheaMoisture Curling Souffle. At first when using the product solo. My hair was pissed at me it rejected it with the quickness. Then I thought to myself “Hold on self this is SheaMoisture there’s no way the product sucks” lol So I “tweaked” it and used it in a different way for moisturizing and defining I loved the fact it has flax seed in it. Once tweaked it worked for me. So I think if you can tweak it to work for you then yay!!!! I don’t think you should throw it out but I do… Read more »

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