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6 Ways To Make an Updo More Interesting

Updos are a go-to style for many women. Not only do they do a great job of tucking and protecting ends — which in turn helps with length retention — they work on multiple hair lengths, and add an instant element of class. If you’re tired of doing a basic updo style, try these tips to make things more interesting.

Add Rolls

Rolls create volume and add interest. Click here for a tutorial for this style.

Add Volume In the Front

Volume in the front is flattering on almost any face shape. Just make sure you keep the rest of the style smooth and low. Read a tutorial for this style here.

Add Cornrows

Cornrows add instant flair. Just make sure they’re neat and even. See more photos of this look here.

Pull it to the Center

If you have the length, try pulling all your hair to the center and creating a roll that goes down the entire length of your scalp. See more looks from Noddy here.

Incorporate Big Braids

Incorporate large braids into your updo. Try french braiding the back or creating three or four large braids in the front. Watch a tutorial for this style here.

Play Up Your Lips

By pulling hair off the face updos emphasize eyes, lips and bone structure. Play it up with a bold lipstick color. See more looks from Neytiri here.

So ladies, what do you think of our tips? How do you snazz up your updo? Feel free to share photos in the comment box!

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10 years ago

This is exactly what I needed!! My length is just getting to the point where I can do updos, this very helpful! Thanks!!

10 years ago

i love both looks. its really beautiful;
i am a Cameroonian and updo like these ,well , are looked upon as weird
i love innovating looks and this suits me personality.
i tried to do something similar even tho i have braids on but
my colleagues didn’t find it interesting. they thought it was conspicuous
but i loved it !

10 years ago
Reply to  claudine

well i love it too!!! it’s so intricate! who cares if it’s conspicuous? it has spunk!

10 years ago

That’s an awesome style on you young lady, you wear it well!

ReShonda Parker
10 years ago

I love updos!
[img] on 2011-08-27 at 23.02 #2.jpg[/img]

DeLisa Gill-Thames
DeLisa Gill-Thames
10 years ago

I have natural hair and updoes add sophistication and elegance to a casual look worn during the day.

10 years ago

My hair is still short but I pull off updos all the time.I love updos because I manipulate my fine hair less with them.

Alisha Anderson
Alisha Anderson
10 years ago

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9 years ago

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Caryn Seipp
8 years ago

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