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Ledisi and stylist Michele London talk hair with BGLH

• Jul 22, 2011

Along with her new album, ‘Pieces of Me’, Ledisi has debuted a new look, pulling her locks into a gorgeous signature updo. I got a chance to talk to Ledisi and her stylist, Michele London, about her new look, her slimmed down figure and her music! Enjoy!

I LOVE your burgundy/red hair color. How did you decide on that?
I have another great hairstylist from DC name Tika at Epiphany Hair Salon on U street, she came up with the hair color. When Michele can’t do my hair Tika does my hair and maintains my color. She’s awesome with color.

And how did you decide on this new look?
My hairstylist Michele London made me stop hiding my face and gave me my hairstyle. It was a hard transition because I didn’t want people to see my face. Michele taught me how to celebrate my culture through my hair.

I read in an interview that your natural hair texture is very wavy and curly. Given how challenging it can be to loc wavy hair, why did you decide on locs?
I decided to loc because it felt natural going that way. Michele has begged me to do other natural hairstyles. I will soon. I’ll probably change it up during my tour.

Have you ever gotten pushback from the music industry for rocking such a unique look?
Wow! (sigh) It’s funny… when I wore my hair down nobody recognized me. Now that I wear it up they do. I love the fans who appreciate what Michele and I have offered to the world of locs and natural hair. I think we have more we want to do. But there are some fans who have their image of what they want me to be.I can dig people having their opinions, but this is my image. I love who I have become and I’m not in this business because of my hair (laughing) But… to answer your question… the music industry has been awesome towards me.

In recent years you’ve slimmed down significantly, and you look great! What sparked the decision to become more fit?
Wow, thank you… I’m just wanting to be healthier. It has nothing to do with image. I just stopped eating certain things and exercise more. I still have more I want to lose because I want to see myself a certain way.

You’ve been in the industry for more than a decade. How do you think you’ve managed to thrive for so long?
My fans (like-minded spirits)… their support has sustained me. My family has replenished me. Also prayer. God has been there when noone else came through.

One thing you mentioned during your Chicago performance is how some of your fans think you’re “selling out” because you have a new sound. Can you speak to that?
[They think I’m] more commercial in my tone of music. My older fans are used to me using live instruments and being more organic in my approach to music. I can’t be what I was. I must be what I Am right now.

Ledisi performing ‘Shut Up’, a song dedicated to “haters”

What is one thing you wish your audience knew about you?
I wish they knew that I always really try to please everyone. I know I cant but I try so hard.

Your new album, Pieces of Me, debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200. Congrats!! What are your current and upcoming projects!
Thank you so much! I am going on tour this fall. My first headlining tour. I am so excited about it. I love the element of surprise so I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I do next.

Michele and Ledisi looking fab

How long have you been doing Ledisi’s hair?
I’ve been doing her hair for two years. When I met her she was wearing an asymmetrical bob, and I thought her face and locs would be complimented with an updo.

How did you come up with the updo that she rocks now?
She has such a pretty face and I thought the bob wasn’t doing it for her. I was inspired by Janelle monae. But when I styled it, I softened it up a bit so it can be a pompadour or a Mohawk for an edgy look, or a curled updo. I like that it appeals to women of all ages.

How do you keep her locs healthy, especially given that she has color in her hair.
Regular hydrating shampoos and conditioners are good for color treated locs. Plenty of water and a good diet (for good circulation) are really key for healthy hair. Plus clear oils such as olive and tea tree keep locs moisturized and not heavy.

There’s a mindset that locs can be left alone and they’ll still be healthy. Is that true?
Hair is like a plant, it needs air, moisture, and nutrients. Natural hair has to be maintained just like relaxed hair does. The difference is the time. Relaxed hair is daily maintenance, natural is weekly or monthly.

Do you gain style inspiration from any natural blogs or Youtubers?
Yes I do, chescalocs and BronzeGoddess01 are inspiring. I want to do their maintenance, lol, but they are creative.

Is there a blog or webpage where we can find you?
I don’t have a blog as yet, soon come. They can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also find Ledisi on Twitter 🙂 Show her some BGLH love!

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I LOVE her hair and I LOVE her voice!! It is so soulful. 🙂 I think I may have to do a redition of this style on my loose natural hair.


Very cool, do you know if Michele is still at Duafe? Going to have to check her out if so and sorry if I missed that in the interview.

And Ledisi is so pretty can’t imagine her not wanting to wear her hair up.


YES INDEED!!! I saw her in concert in London and what a performance!! The woman can MOVE and dont get me started on that magnificant voice!!! I’m telling ya if you have not seen her live then DO!!
Her hair, her skin, everying…thank you BGLH, this interview is well overdue. Thanks again 🙂


I LOVE THIS!!! Ledisi is sooo underrated!!!


Your voice is amazing, and your style suits you.


Just beautiful!!! Ledisi is the TRUTH!!! Saw her years ago with Rachelle Ferrell in D.C a few times…a voice and talent anointed by God..Congrats to her and on all her success! Loving Michele’s whole vibe


I’ve seen Ledisi leave. She’s so freakin adorable!!


She is one of few celebrities showing her natural hair all the time, her locs are gorgeous!!!

Her voice is AMAZING, loving her new cd!!!


I love Ledisi beyond words. I was at that Brooklyn performance and she was greattttttttt. Keep shining my sis.


Wow, I just met Michele London last year, she was a guest at the vow-renewal of my hair stylist that I coordinated. She is really cool and down to earth!


I’m so flattered to be considered an inspiration to such a talented hairstylist! Michelle, if you’re ever in NY I’d love to meet up and get some maintenance tips! 🙂


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