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When I stopped _______, I started seeing less hair in my comb!

• Nov 22, 2010

Kind of an odd title, I know, but this is a fill in the blank! What did you stop doing to your hair that resulted in less hair balls in your comb and around your bathroom?!

For me, it was when I stopped doing wash and go’s every day, and cut it down to every 4 days. Also, when I stopped using so much shampoo and started exploring alternatives like co-washing, and cleansing with bentonite clay.

What about you?

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for me it cowashing everyday…and detangling every time i co-washed…and using a denman or comb to detangle all the time…when i cut my washing down to 1x a week, maybe an occasional cowash during the week, and primarily using my fingers to detangle 1x a week on wet, condish soaked hair, everything was all good lol


Using Kinky Curly Knot Today as my detangler that stuff is the truth! Too expensive for my blood though so I’m going to purchase some Marshmellow Root to add to a cheapie condish to get the same slip.


when I stopped using so much hair products! Too much products even if they are natural can do more harm than good!


When I started using sulfate free shampoo, my hair become softer and less likely to break off. I did a lot of other things wrong as well, but this is just one of the main ones!


this is actually a good title, i got it right away, plus my hair is shedding like crazy theses days can’t wait to read comments


Finger combing has been the best discovery ever for me.

I still remember those tiny little wisps that would fill the room when I combed my hair. Now I only seem to have long strands and most (not all) appear to be shed hair and yes I do check them frequently.

Lady Jaye

when i stopped:

- combing my hair roughly
— washing my hair everyday
— cowashing

when i started
— combing in sections
— finger detangling with conditioner in the shower (BEFORE combing in sections with a leave-in)
— shampooing once a week
— moisturizing

…I started seeing less hair in my comb!!!!
— combing with a leave-in


When I stopped…using a comb! Now I detangle my hair with Giovanni Smmoth as Silk and by seperating sections of hair as water flows through it in the shower.


When I stopped dry coming.


I shed so much and my sister goes crazy about it. Like each time I walk my hair drops, so I’m eager to see what I’m doing wrong. One year into being natural and you’d think I’d have gotten the hang of it.

For me it was a few things: 1. shampooing my hair twice 2. using an afro pic to detangle my hair 3. using products with petrolatum/mineral oil 4. using products that didn’t work: Herbal Essences, VO5, Pantene… 5. going to salons for trims 6. using the wrong comb 7. using hair products for type 4 hair 8. treating my hair like type 4 hair *NOTE* The last two were something I learned recently. I’m Afro Puerto Rican and I was trying to get my natural hair to look and feel better. I looked at product reviews with people who had… Read more »
@Kitty: It sounds like your hair may be fine. I have fine type 4 and have to be careful not to weigh my hair down with certain products. What products didn’t work for you and why didn’t they work? For me, I had far less shedding when I stopped: -letting my hair shrink (at any time, by washing in braids, wearing braidouts if my hair is out and protective styles otherwise) -detangling when wet (I now detangle dry hair coated with coconut oil and conditioner) -detangling with a comb (can’t remember the last time I’ve used anything other than my… Read more »
K. Robinson

When I stopped:

*Cowashing everyday
*Dry combing
*Experimenting with products
*Styling my hair in ‘protective styles’ [my hair does not do well with manipulation unless it’s fluffing after washing]
*Braid/twist outs [wreak havoc on my ends and separating takes too long]
*Using conditioner with silicone

When I started:
*Using Henna 1–2 times per month
*Using green tea rinses and deep conditioning before cowashing
*Using a spray bottle to distribute oil to my ends instead of shea butter
*Using olive oil faithfully
*Wearing scarf/bonnet when I went to sleep
*Trimming my own ends — search and destroy method

Urban Sista

When I stopped co-washing! While I love the idea of co-washing, my scalp HATED it. Also, I’ve noticed that once I stopped washing my hair in one mass and sectioned it into four, I’ve found that it doesn’t tangle and break as much. Once I started using henna, my hair thanked me daily 😉

I stopped using a comb months ago…but I haven’t really paid attention if I see less hair or not. I did notice that when I was using a comb my hair was snapping a lot when I combed it. So I decided after noticing other naturals where foregoing the combs to give it a try! I’ve changed my detangling process since I stopped using the comb and I noticed that it has gotten easier to detangle and less time consuming. I just started coating my dry hair with olive oil and running my fingers through it to get rid of… Read more »

I wish I knew. I THINK I would see less hair in my comb if I braid my hair right after I detangle in the shower w/ conditioner n then wash it out n apply leave-in (as opposed to braiding AFTER I apply the leave-in).

I stopped seeing a lot of hair in comb, prior to going natural. At the time, I was using a a hairdryer on the fritz…which eventually fried a section of my hair off. I then switched to a tourmaline ionic blow dryer and all that shedding stumbled to a minimum. Since then, I haven’t had problems with shedding… even through my transitioning stage. I’m very careful about how I handle my hair, Pre-poo with coconut oil, DC each wash, etc. etc. I’m also pregnant now… so now shedding is a rarity. (Hopefully, it helps my hair to grow back faster… Read more »

When i stopped:
trying to detangle when wet and started washing my hair braided, I saw less hair in the comb.
Detangling is the bane of my existence!


This might sound contrary to most women but,

The MORE I washed my hair. The LESS shedding would result from combing it day to day.
I think it is very important to wash your hair every 3rd of 4th day. By washing it not only is your hair cleaner from oil build-up and dirt, but it is easier for a comb to run through smooth, wet hair!

Dry combing hair is terrible too! Always spritz your hair with some conditioner or even a water-based spray.


So when I stopped…
using a fine tooth comb.
detangling and styling when hair was dry.
Using the brush too much.
Allowing my hair to get get too dry.
Braiding my hair fine especially with no extensions.
being rough with my hair.(still working on it natuarl hair is more time consuming to what I got custom to)

When I started.
Apple cider rinses after conditioning.
preventing knots before so pure afros (ones that are purely comb outs maybe wash and goes)
learning and using protein and moisture balance
Newly love oil rinse (just need to figure out whether after wash before conditioner or after conditioner yeilds the best results.


hmm.. When i stopped using some junk my homie mixed for me (no disrespect) I started seeing my hair less in my comb! It had in raw shea butter peppermint and a whole lot of oils and for sum reason my hair said “WHAT THE HELL??” everything isnt for everybody! it made my hair shedd like a dog.. now im on shea moisture and that works perfect for me!


Correction I enat
Prevent knots (one strand and multiple) by avoiding pure afros


when i started adding coconut oil and finger detangling my coils daily, i noticed i had less hair. the first time i had coils, when i separated them, i noticed i had A LOT of hair come out. it kinda scared me a little bit, then i realized i hadn’t combed my hair for a while. but finding coconut oil and just finger detangling, i had only about a half of the hair come out when i separated my coils.

gotta love that!


Since I started combing it less. I love being in my hair and I have to condition my mind to not style it everyday. I still think I have some more to learn though. So seeing all these different comments are very helpful.


Question.….….washing in sections? I don’t quite understand that concept.




When I stopped cowashing everyday and started wearing a protective style of some kind everyday such as two-strand twists. No more fairy knots Luvs and moisture retention up the wazooo!!!


When I stopped feeling like I had to do something to my hair daily…something meaning combing, styling, co-washing, twisting, plaiting, pulling, just plain playing with my hair…when I just starting leaving my hair alone after my Sunday wash/detangle/twist I started to see less little curls falling.


@Benita-Washing in sections is usually when you wash your hair in sections consisting of either twists, braids, ducktail or hair clipped separated parts, as opposed to distributing the shampoo/conditioner all over your head and washing your hair all at once.

I usually detangle my hair with a conditioner and twist up each detangled section, then wash it out while still in twists. I also do the same when shampooing. For me, this has greatly reduced tangles, matting and breakage.


went i stopped doing “protective” styling. don’t kill me y’all.


When I stopped:
-dry combing
-using an Afro pick
-combing my hair in the shower
-combing my hair every other day

When I started:
-detangling in sections with lots of conditioner
–detangling with my fingers, shower comb and modified ‘Denman’ (in that order)
–detangling outside of the shower
-detangling once a week
-listening to relaxing music while detangling (It’s that serious. Haha)
-stretching my hair via braid outs and wearing protective updos

…I started seeing less hair in my comb!


I left my hair alone. I have less knots and my hair is pretty healthy. also became muslim a litt over a year old, so my hair is always protected ny a scraf. It’s usually twisted or braided up for almost a month. I just never touch it.

Natural Expression

When I stopped:

- Wearing my hair in puffs all the time
— Combing my hair when dry versus wet/damp
— Using a small tooth comb
— Using “not good enough” products, moisture is essential to prevent breakage


LOL @ Sarah…me too!

Bitty Boss

When I stopped combing dry hair, using grease, and using products for “coarse hair.” My hair was just too fine to take all of that stuff!!


More protective styles: twists, braids, keeping my ends tucked away
and leaving my hair alone. Less breakage and manipulation, golden rule for my hair.

Mrs. Dee

When I stopped keeping protective styles in longer than I probably should have, I noticed a huge difference in the amount of hair that came out. There’s a difference between shedding and just flat out having your hair fall out. I love protective styles but leaving them in too long can be too much of a good thing for my hair.


When I stopped washing my hair every 3–4 days and went back to washing once every two weeks I noticed a huge difference. I also started seeing less hair in my comb when i started back using Bed Head’s Ego Boost leave-in. It has cones… but it works for me.

mixed beans

i started seeing less hair in my comb when:
— i started moisturising before bed AND in the morning
— washing every 3 days
— not combing my hair when dry (only finger combing)
— wearing twists half of the time, instead of just wash n go’s (which i love, but no love for the fairy knots)
— Trimming regularly!


When I stopped combing!!!!! Now I just finger comb 🙂


what is cowashing?

I have 4c fine hair. This hair HATES high manipulation protective styling. I protect my hair about 70% of the time in BIG “cellie” braids that I twist together and pin up into an updo. This is EASY on the hair and protects it. Rather than doing lots of smaller braids and twists that knot and break my hair, but loose braids, pinned up looks cute and is easy on my hair. When I stopped doing intricate protective styles, my hair really soared. When I stopped letting my hair shrink it really soared, when I stopped using a comb it… Read more »

This one is too easy…

When I stopped RELAXING I started seeing less hair in my comb. LOL Seriously, I now detangle with conditioner in my hair and I use my fingers to detanle.


When I stopped washing my hair while loose. I only wash with braids now.


@ aj, co-washing using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair.

When I stopped handling my hair harshly, I started seeing less hair in my comb. Be gentle with your hair sistas. 🙂


when I stopped using a dirty comb or brush. I now wash my wide tooth comb and denman every time before I let them touch my hair.

Hi Kitty! I was kind of in the same boat and like Moni mentioned it was because I didn’t realize my hair was fine. I have a lot of hair and thought it was thick but a good hairdresser told me even though I had lots of coarse hair, it was still fine. She knew her stuff and talked to me about my shaft diameter and every thing. That explained why all those heavy butters and greases that everyone raved about (even shea butter) did not agree with my hair at all. I use a creamy conditioner to style (Giovanni… Read more »

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what efe said!


cowashing everyday
wearing wash n gos everyday


When I stopped using the comb period, my hair flourished.It’s super thick and I’m retaining more length because I don’t use a comb. I finger detangle and then stretch and the results are just like I’ve combed it. I don’t think washing more often makes more hair come out. It’s the combs (yes, detangling combs and Denman brushes) that pull the hair out and break it off at the ends no matter how gently it’s done.


washing and conditioning my hair loose and began washing and conditioning it in braids, AND stopped combing except to detangle on wash day once a week


When I stopped…
*skipping oil rinses
*skipping frequent rinses/washes (cond or shampoo)
…I started seeing less hair in my comb.

Taking notes on comb-free detangling and no gel for fine hair.


When I stopped combing my hair while dry I started seeing less hair in my comb


When i stopped hotcombing weekly and started cowashing more and just tried being comfortable with my twa there was way less hair in the comb.
that was a great time for my hair and then i got self concious again and severely damaged my hair.
becareful with harmful heat use yall.


When I stopped over conditioning and used protein treatments, I started seeing less hair in my comb immediately. It made me realized to really listen to my hair and not make assumptions.


This was a great question! I bc’ed about 16 months ago and then did it again because with length came so much shedding. Now that I’m starting my journey over again I’m excited to use some of these tips.


When I stopped using my shower comb. That was too rough for me. Now I use my Denman on conditioner soaked hair to detangle.

When I stopped leaving my hair out and started protective styling/keeping my hair stretched.

When I stopped washing my hair in one big clump.


When I *started* using Roux porosit control and mendex. I started experiencing breakage then started using those products and the breakage has stopped about 75–85%


When I stopped relaxing I saw less hair in the comb. I think I naturally have a lot of shedding/breakage idk.…When I keep my hair stretched there is also less hair in the comb, but I lose a lot of hair on a regular basis, but I have a lot of hair as far as thickness so it’s cool but not cool 🙂


I had a lot of shedding as well until I started rinsing with black tea. It really helped.


* looking * LOL!!!… no seriously.… heated deep conditioning and stretched styles + drinking lots of water!

When I STARTED fingercombing before the weekly washing and styling routine, I stopped seeing so many hairs in the comb and certainly no broken hairs. Our fingers are so much more gentle and delicate, unthreading one hair from another. The comb is indiscriminate so if you want to use one successfully, use your fingers first. When I stopped combing dry — JUST SAY NO. When I stopped going to hair stylists who see you as a number not an individual with an individual and delicate head of hair. When I stopped treating my type 4 hair like it was as… Read more »

I tried finger-combing to detangle my hair yesterday. I lost a fraction of the hair I usually do. Bye, bye combs and brushes! 🙂

Yonnie 3000

When I stopped blowdrying my soaking wet hair, I stopped seeing so much hair on the bathroom floor. Braiding, stretching, and air drying is time consuming, but I’ve retained much more length. I haven’t used the blowdryer at all in over six months but I recently read on The Natural Haven (science-based natural hair site) that type 4 hair can be blowdried after it is 80% air dried, moisturized, and stretched. I might try this.


When I stopped using ‘natural’ products, and started using conditioners with silicones.


1.)When I stopped waiting weeks (months even) without properly detangling my hair.

2.)When I stopped wearing a puff EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and switched to protective styles (twists and braids) which allowed my ends to be tucked away.

3.) When I stopped thinking that my hair did not need to be trimmed because it’s natural. Trimming, more than anything else, cut down on the tangling and nap balls lol.

Question: Am I the only one who’s been scared half to death by seeing one of those hair balls -that so many of us get- and thinking its a spider?


That’s so funny!!!


Lol yes…what’s worse is when a fallen curl blows across the floor when the air kicks on…then you really think its a crawling something????


hahahah yes! absolutely terrifying!


@ Piper,

YES!!! And I think they’ve startled my hubby a time or two too. LOL


i love them sooo much but detangling after a week of w ‘n’ gos is daunting :/

@ Moni and Anonda: Thanks so much for the tips! Moni, the products that didn’t work for me were the VO5 conditioners, Pantene anything (except curly gel), Herbal Essences (Hello Hydration), Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise, Africa’s Best Herbal Tea Tree Gro (but it maybe a combo with something else?), Organic Root Stimulator products, Profectiv products, etc… THe list could go on, but by the name of the products they may have something in common. ^_^; Anonda, I have to do the same thing! I have to go light on product application and use light products. I use homemade whipped shea… Read more »

oh and I wash as when I feel buildup or once a week. I’ve stopped cowashing because it just makes me feel greasy. I deep condition every couple of weeks with a avocado, coconut milk, and olive oil mix. sometimes I add an egg for protein every so often, like every month or so.

@ Hyspin I wonder the same thing too, have tried the oil rinse for the first time last week and I thought maybe it would cause build up sooner, as I’m used to overnight oil treatment prior to washing, but I think it depends on which method you use when your washing. I used to only wash with ayurvedic herbs, but I never really clarified so build up accumulated quickly. Now I use very mild shampoos, but I think the oil rinses prior to conditioning have the best results otherwise there’ll be too much oil left in your hair. @… Read more »
Jo Somebody
I can’t answer this question yet, although I’m thinking the person who said protective styling for too long might be detrimental. Yesterday I took my hair out of braids (no extensions) after 5 week, although I had initially planned to only keep them in for 3 or 4 weeks (but I didn’t have time to re-plait and was afraid to have my hair just out 4 months since my last relaxer!). Anyway, maybe it’s because I haven’t seen my hair for a while, but MY MY MY! The hair loss! I almost cried. So from now on, I’ll leave braids… Read more »

when I stopped:
-using an afro pick
-solely using a shower comb
-wearing twists
-washing my hair every 2 weeks

now I:
-use a shower comb once, then go over with a “denman” lol brush
-do braid-outs and three strand twist-outs, keep my hair stretched because after 6 days of twists it would start to loc at the ends :-/
-washing my hair once a week
-sealing w/ olive oil when I braid up/twist at night and using olive oile to loosen in the morning


Forgetting to comb/brush my hair and not let it knot up.


Stopped combing my hair Willy nilly and doing it only when I wash it.

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Got alove for ma hair

I have a question , when u say olive oil do u mean the ones we use to cook with or is it a specific kind for haircare?

Kaylee Robinson

@got alove for ma hair — I use olive oil (extra virgin = evoo) for my hair. The same exact kind I use to cook with. I use alot of kitchen ingredients for my hair (olive oil, coconut oil, honey, etc).

When I stopped bunning my hair all the time and started wearing well-kept braids and twists, I started seeing less hair in my comb.


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I’m still trying to figure it out 🙁 I’ve been natural for 3 years.…

When I finally, FINALLY stopped using high alkaline (pH9+) shampoo and conditioner bars and liquids, I started seeing less hair in my comb. They made my hair soft but it was coming out in clumps! I had to BC 4 times and for years I thought it was diet, stress or illness. But the problem was that my cuticle was over-exposed and stripped bare and no DT, DC, HOT, protein or oil did anything to help. Now I wash with a neutral pH 7 mud (my favorite!) and finish with a pH 6 vinegar rinse (another favorite). If I don’t… Read more »

When I started Researching black hair care techniques and applying them to my life, I stop seeing hair on the floor! Ayurveda hair techniques are a life saver!

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