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Chantel debuted her 1-year old fro on BGLH in our October 2009 Now and Then…

…now, just a few months later, her hair has sprouted. I caught up with her to see how she did it…

The last time you were on BGLH you were rocking a short fro in our October Now and Then giveaway. How did you learn about BGLH and what inspired you to submit your photo?
I had been secretly stalking BGLH since before my big chop. I loved the profiles and all the helpful information so much that I quickly became addicted to the site, lol. It just so happened that I took a really great picture of my hair one day and later on during the week you announced the Now and Then giveaway. I decided to submit my photo because I felt that I looked so beautiful (and I have never been able to say that before) in my own skin, with nothing but the sunlight for makeup. I wanted to share how far I’ve come with other aspiring naturals.

So obviously your hair has grown insanely well. Could you describe your regimen?
I truly believe what has worked for my hair the most is the fact that I listen to it. I adapt my regimen to whatever my hair feels like at the time.

I Co-wash every 2-3 days (depending on the style or use of products),
finger detangle (this is sooo effective for me and I get a lot less breakage),
apply my leave-in of choice (Aphogee provitamin or None of your Frizziness),
seal with extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil and braid to let air dry through the night.

I deep condition once a week or when needed and use reconstructor if I feel my hair is shedding a little too much

What difficulties in your natural hair journey have you faced so far?
Just accepting the fact that my hair has a mind of its own and it’s better to go with what my hair wants than to just try to force it into a style.

What mistakes have you made that you’ve learned from?
As my hair grew out of the teeny weeny afro stage and began to get thicker I couldn’t rush through my detangling process like I used to. It really pays to take your time so you’re not pulling out the healthy strands as well as shed hairs. Also I CANNOT do the wash and go everyday, I mean forreal my hair would be a knotty and tangled mess by the end of the week, so I only do those every so often.

What is the best thing you do for your hair?
Protective styling. I have always been a firm believer that my hair retains the most length with it is left alone. So I do my own styles in all the pics you see on my Fotki or Facebook.

I do everything from yarn braids to wigs. Not micros because they are so time consuming and murder on my edges. Also moisturizing and stretching my hair seems to help a lot.

How has BGLH specifically helped you along your journey?
BGLH has truly inspired me to accept myself, my culture, and especially my hair the way God intended. I think girls my age tend to feel that there is only one prototype for “beautiful” and they miss out on the opportunity to stand out and let their true self shine through. BGLH has also inspired me to work on my own hair blog that will focus on the growing natural community at my college (Auburn University) and I plan on creating a Black Hair Care Group on campus that will focus on growing our hair to its potential length.

What advice would you give to natural women who are where you were in October 2009?
Be patient and enjoy your hair at EVERY stage. Im so glad I big chopped when I did because it was like I had to build my self up from scratch and learn to love each myself at each stage. I have never felt more fierce in my life than the day I BC’d (which I probably will do again). So embrace the change, enjoy the journey, and share your story with others. That’s what I love most about the natural community, we have such a bond, that has been lacking among African American females for so long. I hope we continue to grow and mature into a force to be reckoned with.

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11 years ago

she’s so cute to me. I really like the shirt in the first picture. I would’ve done now and then but I don’t have a camera to take a picture of now.

11 years ago

“That’s what I love most about the natural community, we have such a bond, that has been lacking among African American females for so long. I hope we continue to grow and mature into a force to be reckoned with.” <– I completely agree. Thanks for sharing your story with us, and your hair is beautiful!

11 years ago

Yes I’ve lost so much hair because of my impatience, but I am taking my time now and braiding to keep it from getting tangled up and matted down.

11 years ago

Her hair looks nice, it’s so thick!!

11 years ago

really great piece! I enjoyed that interview lots, sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying your natural journey 😀 Cheers to healthy hair


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