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Valaira currently appears in Creme of Nature’s 2010 Ad campaign. I just saw her in Essence yesterday!

Where do you live?
I was born in Bronx, New York and currently live in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently I am a working model and actress.

I am also the owner of VUE Entertainment, an event planning and Fashion Show Production Company. I produce fashion shows and fashion events in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
My husband and sister encouraged me to go natural. I was getting relaxers every 4 to 6 months anyway which really never straightened my hair all the way. In 2007 my then fiancé made a bet with me to leave my hair alone and not put any chemicals in it for a year. By 2008, I decided not to go back to the creamy crack.

I didn’t do a big chop. I transitioned by wearing my hair in a ponytails and twist outs. I also wore wigs from time to time to switch up my look.

Going natural has really taught me a lot about myself and how I define what beauty is. It’s more than just hair; it becomes a lifestyle after while. I am still on my natural journey.

What is a brief description of your regimen (please include the products you use)?
· Once a week I will co-wash my hair with Suave Conditioners.
· Once a month I will cleanse/wash my hair with Raw Black Soap from Smell Good Spa (
· I will usually leave in a little bit of the Suave conditioner and then rub in Crème Brule moisturizing styling crème by Curl Biz into my hair. You can purchase the Crème Brule from Targets.
· My favorite hair styles are quick and easy. Pony Puffs, wash-n-go’s and curly fros
· I color my hair black as needed.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
WOW I have made quite a few mistakes. Being in the industry, I am always working in hair shows or have photo shoots etc… One of the biggest mistakes is allowing hairstylist who do not know how to treat natural hair straighten my hair. In 2009 a hairstylist straightened my hair so hard it smelled like burnt hair for weeks. Basically my hair was fried and my curl pattern was destroyed. In Jan. 2010 another hairstylist cut off the back of my hair when she was supposed to only be giving me a trim. Needless to say, I was devastated and had to cut the rest of my hair to the length of the back. My biggest lesson is to always beware of what someone is doing to your hair and to SCREAM NO if you do not agree with it.

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
Keep it moisturized. My hair is very dry so I make sure my scalp is moisturized as well as my hair. I have found that a little bit of shea butter will do the trick. I do not use a lot because it weighs my hair down.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Facebook under the name Valaira Sa-Ra Smith. Come and be a friend.

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12 years ago

“My biggest lesson is to always beware of what someone is doing to your hair and to SCREAM NO if you do not agree with it.”

So TRUE! It took me awhile to learn that lesson when I use to visit a hair stylist regularly. But great story and pretty lady with gorgeous hair and a good support system in her sis and hubby

12 years ago

I am cracking up because my Essence is sitting on the couch opened to that direct page.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

12 years ago

She is a beauty, and I appreciate her for shouting out my website. Rock On, Valaira!

12 years ago

Congrats, Valaira! Love your work…

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