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Maureen // Natural Hair Style Icon

• Jun 7, 2010

You might remember Maureen from our Vintage Natural giveaway. Her hair was so amazing that I asked her back to talk about her regimen 🙂

Maureen’s Vintage Natural entries

Where do you live?
I was born and raised in Holland. My parents are originally from Surinam and came to Holland in the 70’s. I come from a small town near the Hague, called Leidschendam and have studied Italian and history in Leiden for thee years. Now I’m an art history student at the Unversity of Amsterdam.

I consider myself to be an old soul and a huge vintage and retro freak, when it comes to vintage music, clothes or other stuff, I love it and collect anything that I can get my hands on. That’s why I love Amsterdam so much: you have the cutest second hand shops there and I love to wander through the little streets and literally see the history of the city.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I’ve been a proud natural my whole life, getting a relaxer has never crossed my mind. I knew what a relaxer did and how it worked because many female relatives had chemically treated their hair from an early age. Gotta say it was a fascinating phenomenon to me because I never understood why they did it. The ‘before’ on the old photos (long, thick, amazing hair to their backs) and the ‘after’ (neck length, brittle hair) made it painfully clear to me that it wasn’t something I would ever do. Even if I wanted to, my parents wouldn’t have allowed it.

I did make the transition to natural hair products and am a proud no-poo girl 😉 I simply wanted to be more conscious of what I put in my body and become a healthier human being. I stumbled upon some black hair blogs were a lady was discussing no-pooing with rhassoul clay as an alternative way to cleanse hair and face. I was intrigued and bought some clay online to try it out. The results were amazing! My hair felt sooo soft and not stripped of its oils at all. From that moment on, I knew shampoo would never touch my hair again. I’m still learning, and continue to tweek my regimen from time to time.

What’s your regimen?
Every two weeks I cleanse my hair using a mixture of amla and shikakai powder mixed with coconut milk. The night before I divide my hair in six sections and do a pre-poo consisting of organic coconut milk, Black Strap molasses, olive oil, honey and an essential oil like peppermint or rosemary. I deep condition once or twice a month with HPO Spa Hair Treatment. I rinse with cold water and, lastly, do an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse.

I never towel dry my hair, after washing I queeze excess water out. Then I apply castor oil and Honey Hemp Conditioner by Oyin. After a while I spritz each section with water, comb through and apply a little Carol’s Daughter Hair Honey, shea butter, Qhemet Biologics Amla & Oil Heavy Cream and homemade flaxseed gel for styling. Then I make little braids that I leave in for a few days, following with a fabulous braid-out in summer, box-braids or two big french braids in winter. I spritz daily with Oyin’s Greg Juice or Juice & Berries. When it comes to styling, I’m not really versatile yet because I’m not skilled enough to come up with different hair styles but I’m learning. I might invest in a high quality blow dryer to create a 70s blow out and other hair styles like those vintage‑y updos you see more and more.

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
To be honest I’ve done some pretty wacky things, I used to attribute moisturizing properties to every product that I was using. From Pink Oil moisturizer to Dax hair and even Vaseline, which I also used as a heat protectant. Big mistake! Straightening itself was wreaking havoc on my hair, after a while I really became addicted to it and did it on a daily basis. Some days even multiple times… just thinking about it makes me cringe. I also didn’t wash my hair for weeks and combed it while it was dry.

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair?
: The most effective thing I did for my hair, was swapping shampoo for ayurvedic hair powders. Also moisturizing, regular steaming, using shea butter mixed with almond oil for an ultra soft feeling while detangling. And lastly, flaxseed gel which is just amazing stuff!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
I don’t have a web page but, if you want, you can find me on Facebook.

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E. Lewis
E. Lewis
11 years ago

so pretty!! I bet she had an interesting childhood!

Christy Hyman
Christy Hyman
11 years ago

What a beautiful head of hair…and so wonderful that she always chose natural. I am going to seek more information about Surinam because of this post :):)

11 years ago

she is pretty, and her childhood and background is interesting. Her hair is beautiful

11 years ago

I really love these. I love seeing what other women are doing with their hair, and hearing about their hair journey. Keep up the good work!

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