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RSR: Jacqueline

• Jan 20, 2010

It’s always inspiring to see a natural whose regimen promotes health and thickness and retains length. Jacqueline has been natural for a little less than 2.5 years and made some great progress in that short time. I asked her about her approach to her regimen.

FALL 2007

FALL 2009

What is the best thing that you do for your hair?
The best thing that I do for my hair is take a holistic approach to my regimen. For me, that means taking it a step further than a healthy lifestyle or organic products, but the added ingredient of research. This doesn’t mean that I research each and every single ingredient of a product that I would like to try, but I make sure I understand why something works or does not work for my hair and keep record. I also experiment less now and introduce new things to my hair infrequently. I get more consistent results this way and spend less energy wondering why my hair is reacting a certain way, and more energy discovering a new style!

What mistakes have you made that you learned from in the process of developing your regimen?
In developing my regimen, I made the mistake of using it as a benchmark rather than a guide, meaning that I would adhere to it literally and ignore my hair’s response. My hair would be screaming for shampoo three days after washing in the middle of summer and I would ignore it because I could only wash one time per week according to my regimen (based on other people’s regimens at the time). I learned to just go with the flow of my hair and use my regimen as a guide when my hair isn’t offering a sense of direction.

How do you pick your products?
I choose them based on consistent and inconsistent factors such as environment and my hair’s unique need (it is highly sensitive to protein and oil.) My environment can be anything from cold air, to humidity, to indoor heat, to a dry airplane. Living in a city with four seasons, I ensure that I have products that suit various climates. Since delving into many different products, product lines, and research over the years, I’ve gained a better understanding of what products serve which purpose for my hair.

For more of Jacqueline check out her hair album: and her
photography site:

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Absolutely gorgeous hair! So thick and curl-icious!


WOW! This has inspired me because, I just did my second BC and the sides of my hair resembles her. And just look at her hair now, it is so beautiful!!! I know if I love and take care of my hair, it’ll grow out too.


this young lady right here has a wealth of knowledge ! She created a thread on another hair board that has helped many ladies try & identify what works for them V/S getting sucked up in that whole product junky lifestyle that easy as hell to get caught up in.


What progress! I’ve been considering chopping off all my hair again and starting over…but I think I’m too scared. haha


ha! i thought that was copa! i like the idea of a holistic approach. i’ve been natural for quite some time now, and I feel like i really don’t pay attention to…everything. I don’t really know what works for my hair and why. And I feel style challenged. Anyways, nice seeing you here. i’ve become a lurker of late. gonna go check out your photography site. All the best in all areas of your life! Your hair is beautiful, and again, i like your holistic approach!


Very inspiring. I’m happy you did YOU with your hair care.


This was very informative. I like the fact that she explains why she uses certain products and the importance of paying attention the individual needs of your hair.


Copa!! I adore her hair!


Love Copa’s hair!


I love me some Copa! Her hair and regimen are on point.

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