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J’s Top 5 moments

• Jan 17, 2010

J has contributed a MASS of knowledge to BGLH (the haircare tabs are all her.) But there were particular times when her advice — and her hair — was the inspiration that kept us going.

I’ve counted down J’s Top 5 moments/contributions to BGLH…

5. Her article on how to grow out natural hair.
You can find it HERE.

It was great information based on her 10 + years of being natural and it remains one of the most viewed articles on BGLH today.

4. Her amazing hair color!
From golden orange to reddish-maroon, J has sported a number of different colors — and they’ve all been fabulous! J showed us that healthy hair and great hair color don’t have to be mutually exclusive.



3. Getting the scoop on what it’s like to be a natural actress.
J interviewed her friend, actress Adepero Oduye about roles and opportunities for naturals. Adepero dispelled the notion that kinky-headed girls can’t get work in Hollywood and New York.

2. The Roll Up.
This is a BGLH throw back. In August 2008 (when the blog was just a few months old) J made one of her first appearances with an updo she sported at a hair show she modeled in. The style was called the “roll up” and I still consider it one of the coolest we’ve featured.




1. J reveals the secrets of a former life.
I got J to spill the beans about her previous life as a model in NYC doing gigs with Vibe Magazine, The International Reggae Awards and TBA Clothing. The pictures were stunning and the story of a Cornell-University-graduate-turned-urban-model was equally amazing.


J, thank you SO MUCH for your time on the blog!
If you have any thoughts or goodbyes for J, feel free to hit up the comment box.
Also, be sure to keep up with J via her Fotki page.

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12 years ago

Jen has always been such an inspiration to me, even from when I started on Nappturality (almost 5 years ago). Her hair is always gorgeous and she has such an easy way about herself. Thanks Jenteel!

Belle Muse
12 years ago

Bye J! I am such a fan 🙂 your hair, advice, style & that darn color has inspired me in more ways than I have time to explain. Congrats on embarking on a new journey in life. I hope all of your wildest dreams and more come true.

With love, Belle Muse.

12 years ago

the hair are a good source of inspiration, thanks

12 years ago

that darn color has inspired me in more ways than I have time to explain.”
I feel the same way Belle Muse! lol… J you’re just gorgeous and you’ve truly been an inspiration 🙂

12 years ago

I just braided my hair (no extensions) this past Wednesday. As soon as I take them out in a week or two, I WILL be doing the “Roll-up.”

Fabulous, J. And I had no idea you were a Cornell graduate. Proud of you, sista!

Christina aka “Natural Hair Nerd”

12 years ago

you guys are too cute and too sweet!!!! i love you guys! thank you!

@ kamika: ahh yes!! nappturality!
@ christina: yes, CU alum! loved that place!

12 years ago

J, I will miss your insight! You inspired me to take my modeling to the next level and not be scared of what people may think. 🙂

Oh and Leila, I tried to add you as a friend on facebook and Idk…it won’t let me.

12 years ago

J has been wonderful. She is and has been one of my top sources for natural hair info/inspiration, especially as my hair has gotten longer.

P.S. GOODBYES?? Whaaaaaaaa? What did I miss?

12 years ago

You will be missed. Your hair is gorgeous but I was really drawn to you when I found out you hold a degree in Public Health because so do I and I have always daydreamed about modeling. That fact that you did it is also something I admire. I wish you the best!

12 years ago

is the first pic. just a regular twist out? boy do i love it!

10 years ago

I’m a little late commenting on this post cuz I’m new to the site but Wow!! What color/dye is that in the first pic? That hair looks GORGEOUS!

10 years ago

Hello there! I’m very interested in reading the article that Jenteel posted here on how to grow out natural hair, but the link doesn’t lead to anything but an error page. Can anyone please help me find her article?

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