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Britnee’s Regimen

• Dec 22, 2009

So Britnee appeared recently on BGLH as a Now and Then winner and many of you were curious about her regimen so here it is! I’ve also added Britnee’s product picks to our ‘Tight Coils’ Product page.

Describe the texture of your hair.
Coarse, coily and cottony

What are your top 5 products?
B: Water/Sta Sof Fro 

The best everyday moisturizer is water, and the Sta Sof Fro moisturizer is water-based so it keeps my hair soft. It’s a keeper.
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
Detangles like nobody’s business
Shea butter
To “grease” my hair with and seal in moisture after every wash
Coconut oil
For sealing, to mix in conditioners and as a natural shine enhancer for my hair
Eco styling gel (clear)
To give my hair a more “polished” look and for extra hold while doing 2 strand twists

What is your go-to style?
A puff, quick and simple

How often do you wash your hair?
I don’t have a set regimen for when I wash my hair. I listen to my hair and it tells me when it wants to be washed. So whenever I see buildup, it feels too coated or just isn’t acting right I know it’s time to hit the shower.

What do you use to wash?
Baking soda and cheapie conditioner for clarifying followed by Hello Hydration for detangling.

Do you deep condition your hair?

Do you moisturize your hair daily?
Yes, with Stay Sof Fro

How do you prepare your hair for bedtime?
Plait it up in moisturized braids and throw on a satin bonnet

How do you detangle?
In 4–6 sections in the shower on conditioner-drenched hair with my Jilbere comb. I have also detangled on dry hair with Stay Sof Fro (melts the tangles away I swear!) when I don’t feel like jumping in the shower.

What’s the biggest hair mistake you’ve made and how did you learn from it?
During my transitioning days I used heat really often… like once a week. A couple months later I found out that my hair type isn’t made for constant use of heat so the result was heat-damaged hair which now is all cut off and growing back nicely.

What is the most effective thing you do to maintain the health of your hair?
Low manipulation and frequent protective styles. I wear my hair out for about 1–2 weeks before either putting it in braids or 2 strand twists. If it’s acting right or I’m just pure lazy, I’ll let it go free for up to a month — but no further. Every day manipulation for a long period of time isnt good for my hair’s retention.

Wow. So there you have it. Thanks for that awesome regimen breakdown Britnee!

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12 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing! My daughter’s (and probably mine when I finish transitioning) hair is just like yours so I greatly appreciate the routine and products you laid out.

12 years ago

It’s nice to see someone else named Britnee on here lol. Anyhow, i loove your hair! I have 4a/4b hair and its curly… and i’m newly natural ( for about 5 months now). I’m glad to know that someone doesn’t deep condition all the time! Thank you for the regie and tips on how you protect your hair. i’m going to definitely try them

South Loop Social Light

My father used to swear by Sta Sof Fro (I called it Stay So Soft) on my natural hair. I’m glad to hear that someone else is using it. Kinda makes me all nostalgic and want to go and buy some!

12 years ago

I use to ROCK my hair natural, but was unable to find a method to keep it healthy, and untangled…while still looking stylish. I wore the hairstyle for about 3 months, along with blue lipstick, earth tone colours and a whole lot of “attitude” 🙂 But thanks for the info, even tho it’s too late for me.….….still just as helpful 🙂

12 years ago

WOW! Thanks for the breakdown!! I’m currently transitioning and I really needed this..although I’m still fuzzy on the baking soda.
OMG!! I like wrote down every step you mentioned, all products. This is great and I’m excited for the newness of my natural beauty 😀

11 years ago

I just started using Sta-So-Sof cream on my hair at the suggestion of the lady who worked in my local beauty supply.….GREAT PRODUCT! Now i know why it’s been around for so long; even though i’ve never met a person who uses it, lol. Anyway, i too am in love with this product and am so excited that its really affordable. BTW, luv the photo

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