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Rachel's Review: Ahuacatl = Aguacate = Avocado

Also known as the “Butter Pear” or “Alligator Pear”, beloved readers, this rather homely fruit yields a rather attractive surprise: an oil that can enrich, health and nourish your scalp. It’s also one of three oils that actually penetrate the hair strand!

A healthy scalp is ultimately responsible for healthy hair (and a healthy body before that, but that, is another post, beloved readers). This is one oil, second and third only to Coconut and Olive oil in my oil roster, that despite its less than cute facade has a rather sexy history. Check the links referenced below or enjoy my paraphrase below.

Nahuatl is the language responsible for the word “ahuatl”, the avocado’s first moniker and it roughly means…erhm…”testicle”. It was seen as a fertility fruit in some indigenous South American societies . Let me paint the picture in as modest strokes as I can: If you had some of these in your basket you were more Pussycat Doll than Nun!

When the Spaniards met these lovely people (before destroying their culture and stealing their land, sigh, colonialism at its best 9.9), ahuatl became “aguacate”. Much easier to say, no? At least, after seven-plus-years of Spanish I can say it is.

When Americans blundered into this healthy-hair wonder, “aguacate” became mangled into “avocado”. Maybe it’s from having studied Spanish so long…but how on earth do you hear “AH-VO-CAH-DOE” in “AH-GWA-CAH-TAY”? I digress.

Why is this so fantastic for your scalp? A quick Google search will give you the dish, but I’ll give you some tidbits here.

As previously mentioned it sinks into the skin. This oil is HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY. A little dab will do you. Which is good, as it tends to be one of the pricier oils in large amounts.
It’s also a great source of Vitamin A, K, B1, E and B2 and D.

Why is that so fantastic?

Vitamin A, AKA, retinol (yes, the stuff that preserves your cuteness) is needed to help you eyes adjust to seeing in low-light situations and keeps your skin and other tissues moist (and hopefully wrinkle-free).

Vitamin K helps your kidneys do their various tasks and aids in blood clotting (a lack of this can show in dark circles, but these kind tend to be genetic, I speak from experience).

Vitamin B1, good old “thiamin” is necessary for energy conversion and aids in keeping your body’s systems running at top capacity.

Vitamin B2, which I think has a cute name: “riboflavin”, is vital for producing those oh-so-necessary red blood cells and aids in having healthy vision and radiant skin.

Vitamin D, the “sun vitamin” (another cheerful name ^_^) helps to facilitate the absorbtion of calcium.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.

It also has lecithin. Lecithin in the body improves mood and healthy circulation (also important for hair growth).

It contains potassium. This is vital for maintaining the body’s water balance (which you should drink plenty of daily for your health and hair).

It also contains amino acids. Amino acids act as the building blocks for many of the body’s tissues and…HAIR.

Avocado oil has sterols. Plant sterols have been touted by the FDA for lowering cholesterol. This lovely (on the inside) fruit even has pantothenic acid and other essential fatty acids.

How pleasantly ironic such an ugly fruit packs a pretty punch, no? Having typed all of that, the best way to reap these benefits is to EAT them. Still, applying avocado oil topically is not without merit.

You can rub this on your skin after a shower, add it to a warm bath, use it to “seal” (more accurately, retard the evaporation of moisture) your ends, oil your scalp, or add it in small to moderate amounts to your usual deep conditioner. It can also be whipped into your curly pudding mixes. Yum. ^_^

I personally don’t apply it to the length of my hair as it is heavy and my hair hates direct oil usage to begin with. If I apply it straight it’s scalp and ends only. Again, that is because of MY hair’s preference. Please fulfill YOUR hair’s particular desires, beloved readers.

Ladies with a dry scalp may find this soothes many an issue.

I hope you give avocado oil a try. Its a great addition to my regimen when I want a break from my usual olive oil and coconut oil mix in my deep conditioners.

Also, beloved readers, just between me and you…if you slather your scalp and hair in this, sleep in it over night and wash lightly with a gentle shampoo in the morning…it’s like Christmas, New Year’s and your Birthday -on your head. Sans the crazy-with-a-capital-C, police sirens and party clean-up. ^_^

PET LOVERS! THIS COULD POTENTIALLY KILL YOUR BELOVED PETS! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not let them lick, ingest or even sniff this in its oil form or in its original solid/fruit form.

Vitamin and nutrient info: HealthClininc.Com, Colorado University and Dr.David Williams (love this man!),; Avocado History:

Rachel, our guest reviewer, waxes poetic on products every Friday.
For more from her check out her blog http://littlegoldenlamb.

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12 years ago

I love the idea of avocado oil, but it's so pricey. 🙁 Great review!

12 years ago

Hi! I am currently living and doing volunteer work in the DR and there are a ton of Avocado everywhere! In fact, I have an Avocado tree in my backyard…I was wondering are Avocado – Not the oil – as beneficial. And if so, do you have any at home Avocado hair recipes? THANKS!!!

12 years ago

yeah, I adore avocado oil!
12 years ago

I cook with Avocado oil

12 years ago

eu descobri o oleo de abacate a um mês e não quero outra coisa… meu cabelo adora… uso sempre misturado a mascara de tratamento…

11 years ago

I’ve been using fresh avocado as a deep conditioner for a little while now and I absolutely love the way it makes my hair feel. It’s moisturizing stays with your long after you rinse. I use 1 Hask Avocado strained with a scoop of mayo and some honey mix it all up and let it sit on my hair for 20mins or so under a plastic cap. Love love love it!

Bobbie Roever
10 years ago

My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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