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MimiCuteLips // Natural Hair Style Icon

• Apr 27, 2009

We profile our fair share of long styles on BGLH. But sometimes the better option, stylewise, is to go short rather than long. Mimi’s gorgeous cut is a reminder of that. Check out her fotki album here.

Longer Styles

BGLH: Do you prefer your hair short or long?
: I don’t have a preference, I like change, and I love both.

BGLH: How many times have you cut it since you went natural? What usually triggers your decision to cut?
: I have cut my hair *counting on fingers* 3 times I believe. I would get frustrated with my hair and perm it then regret it. I would keep a perm 7 days or so and then shave it all off.

BGLH: Why do you like the short look?
: It shows off my beautiful bone structure *falling out in laughter* its quick and easy.

BGLH: Your style is hot! but do people ever think you’re crazy because you’re not stressing over having long hair?
: The people around me know and love my crazy drastic actions with my hair. A lot of them love it long, but I get more compliments from strangers when its short. I hear a lot of “you have the face for short hair not everyone can rock that”. I don’t believe this one bit. The only people who are hung up on length are those that think the length of your hair somehow defines one’s beauty. I am me short hair or long hair and I rock either of them out. Once you become comfortable in your own skin, hair is simply an accessory.

BGLH: What is your regimen for your short style?
: I actually don’t have a regimen with any length of hair. I normally rinse my hair in the morning, sometimes I just rock it out like that. Other times I put curly pudding in it to define my curls… This time I’ve been keeping it short, so I randomly call the barber when I’m ready for a cut, again no schedule. I don’t think my personality will permit me to stick to a regimen. lol

Wow Mimi! Your style is fierce, and my cheekbones wish they could be like yours. Thanks for sharing 🙂
And dopeness in the blogosphere: Jc over at The Natural Haven has a discussion entitled “Will you always be natural?” going on at her blog. It was sparked by a 10-year natural veteran who is considering a relaxer. Definitely check it out here.

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11 Comments on "MimiCuteLips // Natural Hair Style Icon"

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Loved the interview. Mimi is, and always will be, one of my faves. She is a style icon too! Her hair is always fly whether she rocks it short or long!

Naturally Leslie

I love the short hair. I really enjoyed it two years ago when I cut my hair. I agree, most people are very attached to length because it is considered beautiful in our culture. But clearly, long or not, this girl looks amazing!


Luv Mimi’s hair! I agree with her statement that anyone can rock short hair. It’s all about you being comfortable with yourself and having that natural swag.

Da Jadedpoet

I loved this interview and I loved her fotki. Her style is off the charts.

Audrey Jazz

I long for her confidence when it comes to really short hair. It does look amazing on her. Many kudos.


I actually think she looks better with the short hair. She has beautiful bone structure and that short cut is fiyah on her!


Great interview! I also that her little boy is growing up learning that natural hair is beautiful and that a woman doesn’t have to have chemically altered hair/be weaved up to be pretty!

Patricia Grannum

i’ve been waiting for you to feature a short cut like mine!


i prefer short hair… its STUNNING on her! and i def believe only certain people can pull that look off… its all about your head shape and the shape of your face. peanut heads and huge round faces just dont carry the look as well, IMO


Oh this was a lot of fun, thanks so much for putting the spotlight on me and peanut head.I love to see women switch it up.

Thanks ladies for all the love.



Go Mimi! I’m glad to see you on here cuz. I always loves your hair and style. Keep doing what you do.

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