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march moisturizing madness wrap-up!

• Mar 31, 2009

so we spent the bulk of this month focusing on moisturizing. but, as you saw in the “tough love haircare series”, there are many unhealthy hair practices and that need to be abolished and issues that need to be addressed before your moisturizing regimen can be successful.

please look back at the “moisturizing masterbook” and the labels: moisturizing products and regimen, rock solid regimen and march moisturizing madness where we showcased some of the best moisturizing regimens. the ladies profiled on BGLH and our followers provide fantastic hair tips and invaluable information for you. for those of you still at a loss, ask yourself if you’ve tried everything to achieve healthy hair. just like with weight loss, achieving healthy hair is a lifestyle change. there is no magic pill, no miracle tonic. you have to change your hair diet, supplement deficiencies where necessary and start exercising good hair practices. a good moisturizer’s job is to trap moisture in – that’s it. some trap moisture in better than others. as i result, you will experience additional benefits like smoother, softer hair with better coil/curl definition.

i’m aware that there is a lot of information on this blog, especially this month (and that’s a great thing). but there is a take home message in between all the pretty pictures. i’ve repeated certain things over and over in a rhythmic fashion and i hope you were able to follow along with the song 🙂

so here it goes: co-wash or gentle shampoo every week, clarify if needed; conduct a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week; keep that in balance with your use of protein; use a spritz/moisturizer every day (twice a day if needed) paying special attention to ends; then seal in that moisture with a nutrient rich oil (castor oil is my favorite but coconut and jojoba are other excellent choices). for protective measures, there are many protective styles featured on this blog you can use to help keep that moisture in and at night don’t forget to make use of that satin sleep bonnet. you can use this information as a guide and tailor it to your specific regimen’s needs. we have established a wonderful little community here and in this magnificent age of technology, the information is accessible. some of us are “newbies”, while others are “veterans”, but we’re in this natural journey together. we all want the best for each other. but just like anything else in life, you must put in the time and effort to get the results you want. after that, it will be a breeze!


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Black girl with long hair
Black girl with long hair
13 years ago

amen and well said.

13 years ago

There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to hair care. the more your know the better you can care for your hair. 

I sleep with a silk scarf, I didn’t really think it was necessary but once I tried it, I never looked back

13 years ago

I was under attack as dryness crept up on me like a ninja. Since I’ve been using my “special” mixture of sweet almond, grape seed & tea tree oils, it’s been smooth sailing. I am very much a newbie, so all (helpful) information related to natural hair care is very much appreciated.

His Daughter
His Daughter
13 years ago

well i certainly learned alot on this topic. thank alot u guys. my hair is coming along SO great. im currently sittg with a banana mixture on my hair — so ill see what beauty or tradegy unfolds in 45 mins. thanks u guys!

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