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top 11 reasons why natural women aren’t properly moisturized

• Feb 15, 2009

click here for part 1

so you know that j and i are on this quest to diagnose and *hopefully* cure black women’s moisture issues. ok, i’mma be real… once the poll results came in, along with your follow up remarks… i was *kinda* intimidated at how much digging/research this is actually going to take. but never fear, i am here with no life time that i’m willing to sacrifice. but i’mma need your help! so let’s pool our knowledge here.

okay, first off… you all know the poll results:

103 women voted (i wanted 100… guess we overshot)
69 women… or 66 percent said they were dissatisfied with their moisturizing routine
34 women… or 33 percent said they were satisfied with their moisturizing routine

ok… the top issues were

1. moisturizing hair that has 2 or more different textures
2. moisturizing hair in different seasons/temperatures
3. determining when a moisturizer has actually worked… what are the progress benchmarks?
4. retaining moisture throughout the day
5. getting curl definition (which is a sign of good moisture)
6. determining which moisturizers — out of hundreds — are good for natural hair
7. determining which moisturizers work for which texture… what works for a curly natural won’t work for a kinky natural
8. achieving soft hair
9. fighting dandruff
10. determining the right balance of protein and moisture
11. finding moisturizers that actually penetrate the shaft

*PHEW!* NOW do you see why i’m scared?! i have my work cut out for me…

i will start by saying this… and i have learned this the hard way…
this kind of ties into what i said earlier about curlies having more success than kinkies. i wonder if it’s because the kinkies are trying to follow the curlies’ advice. DON’T DO IT!!!
i am super-kinky… and i can tell you that i have had to take the path less chosen, lol. concocting banana recipes and what not. it’s *tempting* for me to, you know, do a lil spritz… and pretend my hair is curling when it is actually crunching.

look man, my hair will LAUGH at that spritz (if it’s not thick… if it’s thick then maybe not) and f* a spritz up in the streets… just chew it up and spit it out — in front of all it’s friends.

anyway, the point i’m trying to make is that this is going to be far more complex than i first imagined. but i will do my best.
*luckily* j is a curly, and i’m a kinky.… so hopefully between the two of us we’ll come up with some good stuff.

*phew* this is gonna be interesting.

oh, also… i love it when BGLH material starts discussion on other websites/blogs. so you are free to cut and paste the top 11 reasons and discuss them in your own web space. but i would only ask that you link it back to BGLH somehow. ugh, it’s tacky to say this here, but i have to. i have seen some troubling *similarities* to BGLH on the web… and i just think it’s disrespectful to cop things without linking it back to the original author… anyway, ok. back to moisture… thoughts?

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13 years ago

200 followers — holla!

we know how important a topic this is. so we are putting our all into it. i am honored to share my knowledge on such a beautiful space/platform. we will explore moisturizing in it’s entirety so expect to be entertained, amused and enlightened. lastly, we welcome all helpful comments and knowledge 🙂

Black girl with long hair
Black girl with long hair
13 years ago

go j!
i see you being all gracious and diplomatic and whatnot

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