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janeezy, the final pt

• Jan 31, 2009

…click here for pt 1, pt 2

BGLH: ok, so you cut your hair, and it’s just you and the napps. how did you learn all this hair care?!
J: was a HUGE help. Also, if you just google anything about natural hair care you will find tons of things! and that’s exactly what I did. 

BGLH: you were a super creative natural in your early days (in terms of styling.) where did it come from?
J: Looking in magazines, the internet, and a lil sprinkle of creativity. Take advantage of the search tools you have available. It can get time consuming and sometimes I found myself spending HOURS looking at different hairstyles online such as, but not limited to:,,, and

profiling janeezy was great. she is a beautiful woman with loads of personality. DEFINITELY check out her fotki page here. thanks for the love janeezy!

***okay, maybe this is a little tacky… but here’s a ‘teaser’: tomorrow i will post part 1 of my ongoing saga with finding the perfect products/ingredients for my hair (also known as “climbing deeper into this natural ish”)… so stay tuned.***

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13 years ago

Wow! Her hair is beautiful! I love the second style down, and also the last picture.

Looking forward to your post tomorrow about the ongoing search for the perfect product/ingredient for your hair. Having recently big chopped I’m currently trying out all sorts of ingredients from my kitchen. Last night I washed my hair with mayonnaise, and that seemed to work ok!

Fantastic blog by the way.

Kinky Rhonnie
Kinky Rhonnie
13 years ago

Thanks for featuring Janeezy on your site. She is beautiful and talented and one of my early hair idols. I wish I had her skills, it would be bye-bye corporate america for me. lol

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