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janeezy, pt 2

• Jan 28, 2009

continued from part 1…

BGLH: when it comes to products and regimen, are you on the simpler or more complicated side. why?
J: I am super simple. I’m a typical woman, with real issues so I try to keep every aspect of my life as simple as possible including hair! lol.

BGLH: what products do you use for cleansing, moisturizing, coloring, conditioning, anything else. why do you like/use these products?
J: cleansing: Suave Humtectant Shampoo mixed with V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner
Conditioning: Olive oil deep conditiong packs. I use about 2 with every wash. I also like Aubrey Organics White Cameilla Conditioner which I use like a ‘deep’ conditioner mixing in honey and coconut oil.
Coloring: I never do this myself, but the last coloring job I had, she used the brand: GoldWell
Moisturizing: Oyin handmade whipped pudding and Shea butter. when I use shea butter I sometime like to mix it extra virgin olive oil
I love all these products. They work really well with my hair texture. They are all reasonable in price too.

BGLH: your hair looks thick and tightly coiled. what are your techniques for styling it, combing it and washing it?
J: I keep it really simple.
*use a lighter conditioner like Suave, add water, and massage it thru while combing
*wash — using my shampoo and conditioner mix and then deep condition with the aubrey organics or the olive oil packets
*wash out — use a leave in. with the leave in I’m still trying different ones. I havent found one that I love but I use the shea moisture leave in or the banana leave in by curl junkie
*wash out and then twist out damp hair. Big fat twist. About 8. Let that air dry. Once dry I began to style my hair and that’s it.

BGLH: are there specific ingredients that you look for in products? how do they help your hair?
J: I actually look for things I dont want in a product, like petroleum and alcohol, which tends to dry my hair out. If it does contain ingredients I do not care for, they have to be at the bottom of the ingredient list.

BGLH: what are some mistakes you’ve made in learning your natural hair. how have you learned from them?
J: I think I’ve been pretty smart in my natural journey. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned is what works for one person, won’t work for you. Also, it’s ok to admire other textures of hair, but try not to get too caught up. Try to focus on people with texture like you and finding products and stuff of that nature will be a breeze.

More Janeezy pics

part 3 to come…

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I love last picture

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