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natural hair on rods

• Dec 9, 2008

ok, this is so cute/amazing. i’m throwing a question out there… how exactly do you do this?

***update 1/5/09***
okay, kinkycurlycool provided the how-to for the rod-set. here it is:

To rod you will need:
1. Mousse
2. Orange Rod Rollers (or what over color you have)
3. End papers (to prevent hair from snagging on the rollers)
4. Small tooth comb to help smooth hair before putting in rollers
5. Large tooth comb to continue helping while during general combing

How to:
At this point, hair is probably at least 80% dry and still kind of damp.
Hair is still sectioned into large twist.
Use the wide tooth comb to comb through each twisted section
I started from the back (nape of neck) applying rollers.
It will probably be easier to take down the back twist and part off your first row and then re-twist hair
I put 4 rollers in the back and my goal was to do the brick layering system

For each part:
Apply small amount of mousse to sectioned hair
Smooth with small tooth comb
Encase (taco) hair with end papers and pull paper just over ends of hair… side note, apply enough mousse to lightly saturate end papers so that it is secured on hair.
When rolled, start at the bottom of the roller and roll your way up (if possible, roller should be in a vertical position, not horizontal) to give it a more spiral look.

After rolling completely, allowed hair to dry completely; for me, that meant overnight and into part of the next day.
I waited to the last minute to unroll because I didn’t (and currently do not use heat (ok, except for September 2008 when I had my hair pressed: / )
When unrolling the hair, do not pull the hair; allow it to set in place as you finish unrolling your entire head. This way if by chance you need to reroll, the hair has had minimal manipulation = fewer frizzes and it should be fairly easy to roll back, if needed.
Do not use a comb to comb through the hair, instead, use your fingers and separate each curled section into about 3 or 4 smaller sections, coaxing the hair in smaller spiral.
Your finished product will be a head full of beautiful curls!

Enjoy your rod set!

You can visit my fotki at:

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13 years ago

I’d like to know how this is done as well. Very cute.

13 years ago

wash and condition as normal, get a setting lotion that you like (i used to use wrap’n’tap)… don’t over saturate because it’s kinda concentrated, get some rods of the size you like and some ‘papers’… put the setting lotion on–but sparingly… part and stretch the hair–use a fine tooth comb to get out out the tangles and smooth onto the rod starting with the ends of the hair and roll *tightly* to the root, then clip the rod… sit under the dry from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on the length of the hair… when you are dry–take… Read more »

Black girl with long hair
Black girl with long hair
13 years ago

wow, thanks nikkib!

The Cocoa Luv Chronicles
The Cocoa Luv Chronicles
13 years ago

Nikki is everywhere lol 🙂

13 years ago

This is pretty I would like to try it!

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