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5 Flowers and Herbs That Can Color Hair


So, our series on hair coloring is over. But it ends with a product that, I think, is the most interesting of all we’ve covered.
(links to part 1 on assessing hair before coloring, part 2 on box colors and part 3 on henna). Thank you J!

herbs used in coloring
herbal teas
you can make an herbal tea to add to your henna or as a rinse to “highlight” hair
hibiscus, rosemallow, imparts a reddish tone to the hair
chamomile is wonderful for light colored hair
indigo mentioned earlier has anti-dandruff properties & soothing to the scalp
• heartwood extract derived from the acacia catechu tree (black catechu) produces a brown color
• a black dye can be extracted from the plant “false daisy” more popularly known as bhringaraj, eclipta alba which is well known for preventing dandruff and hair loss

amla, indian gooseberry, is a very important herb in indian culture
• mild detergent (antiviral/antibacterial) and rich in vitamin c
• will not “color” your hair but it is said to prevent hair loss and premature graying
• sold in oil or powder form in indian grocery stores
• use the oil alone or mixed with a conditioner as a pre-treatment the night before washing your hair
• make your own amla oil by soaking the alma powder in your favorite thick oil (strain it to catch those pesky bits bits that do not dissolve) i use almond oil because it is loaded with vitamins; other great oils to soak your powder in: avocado, wheat germ, macadamia, etc.
• use amla powder mixed with other indian powders to make a natural hair wash
search for an indian store in your neighborhood

now you are informed, so go make informed decisions!
best of luck and welcome to the wonderful world of color!!! 🙂


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