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hair coloring: part 2 of 4

• Nov 25, 2008

These hair coloring products are listed in order from the most “risky” to the safer, natural options

Commercial brand permanent and semi-permanent hair color

1. permanent color
• i never recommend permanent color as everyone’s hair is not strong enough
• don’t downplay the importance of a patch test!
• can be too damaging to use for grays because you will be using it often which can lead to damage

2. semi-permanent colors/rinses
• semi-permanent colors wash out after several washes
• sometimes don’t deposit well over african-type hair unless it has been previously bleached or is very porous by nature

Natural hair color

3. natural-based hair dyes
i get a lot of questions about my hair color!!
the brand i use aveda falls into this category
i don’t use aveda color for grays, but for fun!

aveda touts color created without the use of ppds:
ppd (p‑phenylenediamine) — a petrochemical derived from petroleum used in almost all commercial/salon brand color
• aveda’s semi-permanent color is 99% natural
• permanent color is 97% natural
• and permanent deep spectrum color(to lift really dark hair) is 93% natural
• permanent colors contain peroxide (the only way to lift natural color) and low ammonia content but significantly less than your average salon color or box color (adds up to the small percentage of chemical in their dye)
• after 15 minutes color takes on a conditioning effect to avoid overprocessing
• colors are combined w/ oils and oxidized using green tea extract
(these people should be paying me!)

4. natural box colors
include aubrey organics color me natural and naturtint
click on this article for more info on natural hair color

More products (including henna!) in the next hair coloring post…
Click here for hair coloring part 1

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