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Velvet Halo (her Web name) is a natural, African American woman living in Denmark, a northern European country bordered by Germany. She sells natural hair products there, and in this interview shares her thoughts about natural life in Denmark.

BGLH: Why did you move to Denmark?
VH: I moved here because I married a Danish guy almost 6 years ago. The language here in Denmark is Danish, and I don’t speak it very well. I’m 30 years old, originally from LA, then Oregon, then ATL then NY. Right now I’m a student (again!) and a mom of 2.

BGLH: Was it a tough choice to leave America for Denmark?
VH: It was a tough choice because I was really depressed for the first year or so while I was adjusting to the culture shock. But now I love it and I get culture shock when I go home to the US.

I like that it’s safe and I don’t have to worry as much about anything happening to my kids. I like that there is less focus on material things here, and more focus on appreciating the simple things like family, and nature. I dislike the resistance to anything new and untested- for example, the medical practices seem to be a bit outdated. and I also really really don’t like that it seems to be part of the culture to tell little white lies.

But I met a couple of American black guys living in Sweden, and we were all discussing how great it is to be truly respected and admired as individuals. I don’t feel that way in white America. I do however feel most comfortable in black america. I used to live in Atlanta, and I loved that. But I can say living in Denmark is the next best thing, because my color is an asset here. I stand out in a positive way. And people don’t seem to see color as something that determines character.

BGLH: So are their naturals in Denmark?
VH: Yes, quite a few. Most of the black women out here are African, and so they are not strangers to having their natural hair, although many of them wear braids to cope with daily styling. Their are also alot of Somalian women with soft curls, and mixed ladies with all different hair textures.

BGLH: And you sell black hair products, right?
VH: I sell African American hair care products. I will have my own natural hair care products available in the near future- both to American and European customers.

BGLH: Your hair is gorgeous. How do you take care of it?
VH: My hair is super soft, but it wasn’t always this way. When I first came to Denmark the hard water caused my hair to become brittle and break. I’ve since learned to clarify at least once a week. I also mix my own leave-in cream which contains shea butter and it keeps my hair super moisturized and healthy.

I try to make sure that my roots stay detangled. Once a week I use the Denman brush to make sure my hair is completely detangled, and on a normal day I use my fingers. Keeping my hair detangled has also helped to eliminate breakage, because I’m not tugging and pulling at my hair.

Velvet Halo’s photos

To see more of Velvet Halo’s photos, check out her Fotki site.

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13 years ago

another great interview!
i'm always intrigued by americans
who move over seas…
velvet's hair is great
& i love how simple her regimen is!

Black girl with long hair
Black girl with long hair
13 years ago

i am too. my mother, born and bred in detroit, moved to jamaica with her new haitian husband (my dad), and raised her kids there.
it was tough for my mom, but she believes a lot of things that velvet halo believes, aka it’s nice to live in a country where there isn’t a stigma attached to your skin.

13 years ago

Great interview :o)

13 years ago

I love her hair! Thanks for the interview. I love to read/hear about what it’s like to live in another country.

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