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• Sep 19, 2008

So I started my new job on Monday (hence the silence over the past week), and it’s been interesting. I am now writing for a newspaper that covers about 5 counties south of Chicago. And anything south of Chicago is rural. I’m talking 1,000-people-a-town rural. I moved to my new town — Manteno — last weekend. It has 8,200 people, so it’s bigger than most. But I’m kinda missing my 3 million neighbors in Chicago. Oh, but very randomly, the dude across the hall is a Black man from the West Side of Chicago. (?!)

As far as blogging goes, I’m about to post an interview I did with Sera. The pictures below are of her.  She’s not writing a book like Chicoro… but her hair is about as long, and her texture is nappier. I’ve seen some of Sera’s hair albums, and what amazes me is when she started she was rocking a short caesar cut. A few years later, this is where she’s at.

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