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BGLH Marketplace is a producer of premium, handmade whipped shea, cocoa and mango butter, and a supplier of raw natural butters and African black soap. Created from the finest ingredients, our products consistently receive rave reviews and have become favorites in the natural hair and beauty community.

BGLH Marketplace was created by veteran beauty blogger Leila Noelliste, founding editor of leading culture, hair and beauty site Black Girl with Long Hair. With more than 8 years experience in the indie beauty sphere, Leila launched BGLH Marketplace after hearing repeated complaints about lack of access to quality ingredients. She now runs BGLH Marketplace with her husband, Norman.

Leila and Norman

Leila and Norman

All BGLH Marketplace products are made and packaged by hand and with love. They’ve become a favorite with our own family and friends, and we hope you come to love them as much as we do!

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